Why Buy Electric Radiators

Electric heating suffered from a bad reputation in the UK that dates back to the poor convection heating products of the 1970s. Since then great progress has been made to improve their thermal comfort and most importantly to reduce their energy consumption.

Here at Electric Radiator Solutions we achieve excellent energy efficiency through the use of various advanced technologies such as state of the art energy management and highly accurate electronic thermostats to ensure there is no wasted heat. Other advancements include 24/7 programming which allows each radiator to operate at different temperatures at different times. Our use of aluminum over steel also provides excellent thermal conductivity which improves the radiators efficiency and maximises heat dissipation. 

Some Of The Benefits Of Electric Heating 

Electric radiators are incredibly easy to install which means there are no additional installation costs to worry about, simply place the radiator in your desired location and plug it in. There is no need for pipe work or structural alterations making it an ideal choice for refurbishments, extensions and listed buildings. The easy installation means there will be minimal disruption to your household or business, the electric heaters can simply work as a standalone unit or can be wall mounted

Electric heating requires no flue or paperwork so there is no regulatory or planning issues to restrict you, it also has virtually no moving parts so the systems last a very long time. As there is no fuel to burn there is no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning or explosion, there is also no fluid to leak which is especially important for empty properties such as rented properties and holiday lets.


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customer reviews

Richard has been extremely helpful throughout. The heaters arrived quickly and once installed, he kindly talked me through the programming. We will definitely use ERS again, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

We replaced our old storage heaters in our Holiday House, with electric radiators from Electric Radiator Solutions, after having some very high bills for our storage heaters. Richard was very helpful in advising us which size we needed for each room and we have been very pleased with the reduction in our electricity bills. The new state of the art heaters are far more attractive, very easy to install and consume less energy. Furthermore they are 24 hour programmable and can deliver heat efficiently at the times we require it. All in all, they have been a huge success and have saved a lot on our energy bills. A great investment!

Can I just say that I was delighted with the whole service that Electric Radiator Solutions provided. Staff were courteous, responses prompt and the product is excellent. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone who requires an economical electric radiator.

After doing a lot of research we decided to replace our old panel heater in my flat with a new slimline Curvo+ electric radiator. The curved design looks perfect and I can't wait to start using it this winter.

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