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Wall Mounted Electric Radiators

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Electric Radiator Solutions are proud to bring you the most efficient wall mounted electric heaters in the UK today.

Our electric radiators are simple to fit and install.

Each radiator comes with a bracket and screws required to fit safely onto wall using basic DIY skills. Once the radiator is fixed to the wall, plug in and switch on. You can then set the 24/7 programming to your individual needs. All our radiators come with a 1.5m cable which comes out of the bottom right as you look at the radiator on the wall.

Whether you want to talk through your choice of wall mounted electric radiators, get some advice or to cut down your energy usage contact us today.




Wall Mounted Electric Heaters

Our electric radiators have all the features you would expect from wall mounted heaters, including solid cast aluminium body, highly accurate & precise electronic thermostats, full 24/7 programming and easy installation.

Our new ‘Ultra Slimline’ Curvo+ heaters are extremely easy to wall mount and offer the most cost effective heating by programing hour by hour to your specific needs meaning you are constantly saving money and wasting less energy.

By using the latest technology we make modern electric heating highly affordable to run compared with alternative such as storage heaters or traditional convector heaters.  Our selected ranges of wall mounted radiators are the most technologically advanced on the market setting us apart from our competitors.

Our bestselling wall mountable range is the Curvo+ which incorporates the following features:

Motion Sensor Technology

Motion Sensor - up to 12% energy savings

Window Open Technology

Window Open Detection - up to 4% energy savings

Baby Care Function

Babycare Function - limited surface temperature. Peace of mind for children.

24/7 Digital Programming

24/7 Digital Programming - for total control

Energy Monitor

Energy Monitor - know your cumulative consumption

Digital thermostat

Precise Digital Thermostat - for maximum accuracy

no installation

Simply Plug In - 13amp plug attached

lcd display

Large LCD Display - for easy reading

End User Behaviour Indicator

Responsible Consumption Assistant - colour variation of the screen according to temperature

wall mountable

Wall Mountable - easy installation

wall mountable

Optional Accessories - remote control/feet/wheels (sold separately)

Also our brand new Smart iVista model of Curvo+ and Prisma+ using iVista mobile technology and management you can control the temperature from anywhere using easy to use app allowing for grater saving in energy usage. This puts you back in the control of heating costs.

customer reviews

Can I just say that I was delighted with the whole service that Electric Radiator Solutions provided. Staff were courteous, responses prompt and the product is excellent. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone who requires an economical electric radiator.

We replaced our old storage heaters in our Holiday House, with electric radiators from Electric Radiator Solutions, after having some very high bills for our storage heaters. Richard was very helpful in advising us which size we needed for each room and we have been very pleased with the reduction in our electricity bills. The new state of the art heaters are far more attractive, very easy to install and consume less energy. Furthermore they are 24 hour programmable and can deliver heat efficiently at the times we require it. All in all, they have been a huge success and have saved a lot on our energy bills. A great investment!

After doing a lot of research we decided to replace our old panel heater in my flat with a new slimline Curvo+ electric radiator. The curved design looks perfect and I can't wait to start using it this winter.

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