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Replacing Storage Heaters

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Storage Heaters

Looking to replace traditional storage heaters with our new efficient electric radiators? Then you are in the right place.

Storage Heaters were designed after the Second World War and the principle is still the same today. They provide an inferior quality of heat, have lack of control and you have to predict how the weather will be the day before. Storage heaters charge up overnight on a ‘cheap’ rate of electricity however, the day rate on the Economy 7 tariff is inflated eliminating any potential savings! Storage heaters also have poor control, they emit heat all day when you are at work and usually have run out by the time you need it most – in the evening.

Storage Heater Disadvantages:




Electric Radiator Benefits

Great improvements have been made in recent years to electric radiators. The latest energy efficient electric heaters differ greatly from that of convector heaters and storage heating. Our electric radiators can offer you so much technology which can not be found in old fashioned heating systems meaning you save a considerable amount on your energy bills. Our Brand New Ultra Curvo+ and Prisma+ ranges have several market leading features not found other products including a large LCD display and a precise thermostat. Our iVista models even come with smartphone technology allowing you to control your heating anywhere from the iVista minibox and a simple App. The many features of the Curvo+ and Prisma+ will help you lower and control your energy bills as well as being much more energy efficient than any storage heater. The latest features include:

iVista Mobile Technology

iVista Mobile Technology. Control your heating from anywhere with the iVista app.

Motion Sensor Technology

Motion Sensor Up to 12% energy savings.

Open Window Technology

Window open detection Up to 4% energy savings.

End User Behaviour Indicator

Responsible consumption assistant Colour variation of the screen according to temperature

Energy Monitor

Energy Monitor Know your cumulative consumption

Baby Care Function

Babycare Function Limit surface temperature. Peace of mind for children.

wall mountable

Optional Accessories Remote control/feet/wheels (sold separately)

lcd display

Large LCD Display For easy reading

Digital thermostat

Precise Digital Thermostat For maximum accuracy

wall mountable

Wall Mountable Easy installation

Our brand new Smart iVista models of Curvo+ and Prisma+ using mobile remote technology and management you can control the temperature from anywhere using easy to use app and our iVista minibox allowing for greater saving in energy usage. This puts you in total control of your heating costs.

These innovations not only improve your comfort but can lower your heating bills with reduced consumption. Electric radiators are ideal choice both for refurbishments and new builds compared to traditional storage heaters.


Economy 7

Economy 7 is an electricity tariff which charges two different rates depending on the time of day. Energy used during seven off-peak hours at night is charged at a lower rate. Households pay a premium rate for all other usage. This applies to all of your appliances including your lighting and refrigeration. The traditional scheme was particularly attractive to those with storage heaters, which allows you to generate and store heat overnight for use the next day.

Most people don’t realise the day rate for Economy 7  is inflated which eliminates any potential savings. In most cases, only the storage heaters and hot water benefit from the cheap rate. All other appliances use the expensive rate. Electric Radiator Solutions do not recommend Economy 7 or Economy 10 tariff.

Talk to us today about switching your old storage heaters to energy efficient electric radiators.


How to Replace Storage Heaters in 3 Simple Steps

  1. Phone your existing supplier and tell them you want to charge from Economy 7 to a STANDARD TARIFF. They should do this for free. In modern installations, they may be able to switch you remotely.  In older installations they may need to come out and swap the meters or remove the E7 meter if you have 2 meters.

  2. Only when this is done shop around for a cheaper supplier. Talk to us today for advice.

  3. Remove your storage heaters, an electrician can help and also convert your sockets back to normal plug sockets. Make sure they have cooled down and beware as they are heavy.

Enjoy comfortable controllable heat from your new energy efficient electric radiators saying you money!

Call us today for more information on 01845 595945

customer reviews

Can I just say that I was delighted with the whole service that Electric Radiator Solutions provided. Staff were courteous, responses prompt and the product is excellent. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone who requires an economical electric radiator.

We replaced our old storage heaters in our Holiday House, with electric radiators from Electric Radiator Solutions, after having some very high bills for our storage heaters. Richard was very helpful in advising us which size we needed for each room and we have been very pleased with the reduction in our electricity bills. The new state of the art heaters are far more attractive, very easy to install and consume less energy. Furthermore they are 24 hour programmable and can deliver heat efficiently at the times we require it. All in all, they have been a huge success and have saved a lot on our energy bills. A great investment!

After doing a lot of research we decided to replace our old panel heater in my flat with a new slimline Curvo+ electric radiator. The curved design looks perfect and I can't wait to start using it this winter.

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