Energy Saving Tips

1) Electric Radiators

Start with looking at the type of heating your home is using. Traditional heating systems such as gas central heating or storage heaters can be extremely ineffcient meaning your energy bills are unnecessarily high. 

Electric Radiator Solutions bring you the very latest innovations in heating meaning that all our radiators are extremely energy efficient. Our quality electric radiators not only improve you comfort but can also considerably lower your heating bills thanks to their impressive technological advancements. EXAMPLES?

2) Turn Down 1 Degree

Turning down your room thermostat by just one degree can save between £85 to £90 on heating bills. Each one of our electric radiators has an integral room temperature thermostat which is highly accurate so that you have no over or under heating, the radiator simply switches itself off when the room is up to temperature. You can also set different rooms to different temperatures at different times of the day meaning you are not wasting energy heating up empty unused rooms.


3) Shop Around For Your Electric

  • 62 per cent of people in the UK do not recall ever switching energy supplier.
  • 14-16 per cent of people have only switched supplier once.
  • It is estimated that people who don’t switch are paying around 30% too much for their electricity. We advise to treat your electricity like your car or home insurance. Get on a deal for one year, then shop around and switch to the best deal every year.
  • We strongly recommend staying away from Economy 7 or Economy 10 tariffs with our products. Although these tariffs offer a ‘cheap’ night rate for 7 hours, the day rate is inflated above normal standard day rate tariffs.

We actively help our customers find the cheapest tariff. Speak to us today on 01845 595945.


4) Insulation

Loft Insulation - You could save up to £140 a year if your loft is uninsulated by installing 270mm of insulation. Topping up existing insulation from 120mm to 270mm can save around £15 a year.

Cavity Wall Insulation - The average installation cost for cavity wall insulation is between £450 and £500 and can save up to £160 a year. The measure could pay for itself in less than four years.


5) Hot Water

Cylinder Thermostats - Your hot water is stored in a cylinder, and the thermostat prevents it being hotter than it needs to be. Once the water has reached the temperature you have set, the immersion heater will turn off. Cylinder thermostats are usually fitted between one quarter and one third of the way up the cylinder. They have temperature scales marked: you should set them at between 60ºC and 65ºC.

Cylinder Jacket - Insulating your hot water cylinder is one of the easiest ways to save energy and therefore money. If you already have a jacket fitted around your tank, check the thickness. It should be at least 75mm thick; if it isn’t, consider buying a new one. Fitting a British Standard jacket around your cylinder will cut heat loss by more than 75 per cent and could save you around £25-£35 a year, which is more than the cost of the jacket!


6) Other Simple Energy Saving Steps

  • Wash your clothes at 30 degrees
  • Don’t fill your kettle every time – only boil the amount of water you need
  • Draught Proofing – Windows, Doors, Chimney & Floors
  • Lighting – Use energy saving bulbs & remember to turn off lights
  • Fit Radiator Reflector Panels
  • Choose a good, thick pair of curtains. Also, close the curtains to keep heat in.
  • Wear Jumpers, Socks and Slippers!


Whether you want to talk through your choice of energy efficient electric radiators, get some advice or cut down your energy usage, contact us today via our contact form or give us a call on 01845 595945