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Electric Radiator Benefits

Electric Radiator Solutions are dedicated to providing you with the latest technology and most competitively priced electric radiators throughout the UK.

All of our radiators have been specifically designed for efficiency and style, and undergo thorough testing to ensure they are the highest quality possible.

Our radiators have a wide range of benefits over other forms of heating. Our endeavor to be the leading supplier of electric radiators in the UK has lead to many technical advancements and features which can not be found in any other product on the market today.

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Take a look at some of our electric radiator features below.

BenefitPrismaPrisma+Curvo+Prisma+ iVistaCurvo+ iVista
Cast Aluminium          
Dry Thermal Technology - No Fluids          
24/7 Digital Programming          
Large Digital Display          
Precise Digital Thermostat          
Lockable Keypad          
Easy Installation          
13amp Plug Attached          
Optional Accessories          
Motion Sensor          
Open Windows Detector          
Responsible Consumption Assistant          
Energy Monitor          
Babycare Function          
iVista Mobile Technology          
iVista Mobile Technology

iVista Mobile Technology – our innovative iVista mobile technology allows you to control your home heating using your smartphone or tablet. Simply download our easy to use app and control your heating from anywhere. (only available on iVista models)

Motion Sensor Technology motion sensor control panel

With patented Motion Sensor resulting in energy savings up to 12% by switching to eco mode when no motion is detected – This function is only available in COMFORT mode. In COMFORT mode, the motion sensor reduces the temperature when it detects nobody for a configurable absence time. When this time is half passed, the temperature is reduced by 1.5oc. When this time is over, the thermostat set’s the eco temperature. The absence time is configurable between 10 minutes and 4 hours in Motion Sensor Setting menu. In case of presence detection, the controller returns in comfort mode.

Window Open TechnologyElectric radiator benefit - open window detection

Windows Open Detection saving you energy - The window open detection allows making energy savings in case you open the window to refresh the ambient air and forget to switch off the radiator. The windows open sensor saves energy by switching to shut down when it detects a temperature drop of between 1.5 to 2 o C in less than 14 minutes. When the controller detects a “window open” the back light and the window icon blink. The controller automatically switches to OFF mode to make energy saving.

24/7 Digital ProgrammingElectric radiator benefits - 24 / 7 programming

24/7 Digital programming for total control according to lifestyle - Set the programming modes comfort / eco in steps of 1 hour, 24h each day according to user preferences, every day of the week to allow savings on energy usage.

End User Behaviour Indicator

End User behaviour indicator. Traffic light system to warn of high temperature (high consumption) - The indicator helps to educate the end user when they set manually the “Comfort” temperature by visual information regarding the risk of energy consumption to maximise energy savings

Energy Monitor

Energy monitor for state of the art management in Kwh - Know your cumulative consumption in k/wh. Encourages end users to monitor their energy usage and make reductions in temperature making energy savings.

Baby Care FunctionChild care function

Baby care function to limit the maximum surface temperature to below 60oC - This feature decreases the maximum heating power in order to have a surface temperature below 60 °C approximately. In this mode the time to heat a room can be longer. When this function is enabled, the baby icon (icon ) is displayed and blinks if the power is effectively reduced. This function is not activated by default and can be enabled with long press on MINUS and MODE button in all modes except in OFF or setting functions.

Important note: when baby care function is enabled, the reaction time of the radiator can take up to 1 minute when the desired temperature is changed by pressing PLUS or MINUS.

Precise Digital Thermostat

Precise Digital ThermostatAll of our electric radiators come with a precise electronic thermostat which is accurate to 0.2 degrees Celsius meaning there is no wasted heat and no overheating or under heating of rooms.

Large display

Large Digital DisplayOur radiators feature a large digital easy to read LCD screen (45mm x 35mm) with full time/temperature control on an hourly basis, 7 days a week.

Easy Installation

Easy InstallationAll our radiators can be fitted with basic DIY skills. They come with a wall bracket which also acts as the template. Simply screw the bracket onto the wall, hang the radiator on and plug in.

Lockable Keypad

Lockable keypadThe radiator keypad can be locked via the radiator, or with the optional remote control. Preventing anybody tampering with your settings.

13amp plug

13 amp Plug AttachedEach radiator comes with a 1.5 meter long 13amp plug attached.


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