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Electric Central Heating

electric central heating

Electric Central Heating is much more beneficial over traditional gas central heating as it can be quickly and easily installed with no pipe work to consider making it ideal for both home refurbishment and new builds. Unlike gas, mains electricity is available almost everywhere in the UK making electric heating systems an ideal choice for replacement of inefficient storage heaters where even gas isn't available. 

Our products will provide you with the same experience as a gas central heating system but can be controlled with a vastly superior degree of accuracy which can not be achieved with other systems. The precise thermostat on each radiator allows you to control different rooms at different temperatures at a time to suit your requirements making it an extremely cost effective heating solution.

When choosing your electric central heating it is important to choose the correct size radiator for the size of space you wish to heat, whether that be a home study or bedroom. The amount of insulation in the room is also an important factor to help you make a decision on the size of the radiators.

To help you decide on the best size electric central heating for your rooms why not use our quick and easy instant quote form? Simply enter the dimensions of your room and we’ll instantly show you the most appropriate radiators.


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customer reviews

Can I just say that I was delighted with the whole service that Electric Radiator Solutions provided. Staff were courteous, responses prompt and the product is excellent. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone who requires an economical electric radiator.

We replaced our old storage heaters in our Holiday House, with electric radiators from Electric Radiator Solutions, after having some very high bills for our storage heaters. Richard was very helpful in advising us which size we needed for each room and we have been very pleased with the reduction in our electricity bills. The new state of the art heaters are far more attractive, very easy to install and consume less energy. Furthermore they are 24 hour programmable and can deliver heat efficiently at the times we require it. All in all, they have been a huge success and have saved a lot on our energy bills. A great investment!

After doing a lot of research we decided to replace our old panel heater in my flat with a new slimline Curvo+ electric radiator. The curved design looks perfect and I can't wait to start using it this winter.

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