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Curvo+ iVista Electric Radiator

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Introducing the NEW Curvo+ iVista!

Control your heating from anywhere with the new range of iVista models by Electric Radiator Solutions. Wireless control from your mobile device via the iVista app.

iVista Technology

iVista Mobile technology - Control your heating from your mobile device with the iVista app

Motion Sensor Technology

Motion Sensor - Save upto 12% on energy bills

Window Open Technology

Window Open Detection - Automatically detects if a window has been opened

Baby Care Function

Baby Care Function - Limits the surface temperature

24/7 Digital Programming

24/7 Digital Programming - For total control

Energy Monitor

Energy Monitor - Monitor your energy consumption

no installation

Simply Plug In - No mess, no fuss

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2 Years

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Lot 20

Lot 20 Ecodesign Compliant

All our products have been manufactured in compliance of New Lot 20 regulations of ECODESIGN directive. The aim of this legislation is to remove inefficient technologies and reduce the energy used by the products that heat our homes, helping to achieve our overall carbon reduction targets.

Product Overview

The Curvo+ is an energy efficient fully programmable, thermostatic, electric radiator equipped with a wide range of energy saving features designed to save you money. The cast aluminium body conducts heat six times better than steel and the large surface area gives a high percentage of comfortable radiated heat. Inside is the latest in dry heating technology with dual heating elements directly warming the aluminium body. This gives you an extremely fast heat output which uses less electricity to reach the desired set temperature. The Curvo+ electric radiator does not use any heavy “ceramic” or other stone type material which takes longer to heat, as found in traditional old fashioned radiators, which can lead to a large amount of energy wastage. As the radiators use modern dry heat technology without fluids, we also eliminate any leakage problems.

The Curvo + Ultra Slim line is the slimmest electric radiator on the market making it an ideal replacement for traditional types of radiators.

Full 24 hour, 7 days a week digital timer programming enables you to set each room's heating times and temperatures on an hourly basis to suit your lifestyle. Comfort temperatures whenever you are using rooms and eco temperatures for rooms you are not using will help reduce excessive energy consumption. Heat one room or the whole house and the highly accurate digital thermostat will switch the radiator on and off automatically, maintaining the desired temperature meaning no wasted heat. There is no under or over heating giving you greater comfort and the ability to considerably reduce energy bill costs as the thermostat is accurate to 0.2 degrees, so the radiator will simply switch off when not required. This is what one would expect from an advanced modern electric radiator.

Our Curvo+ range has the latest technology and energy saving features not found anywhere else on the market. The motion sensor will reduce the temperature when nobody is in the room. Window open detection will switch the radiator off when a big drop in ambient temperature is detected; an energy counter and colour screen both give the user a better understanding of their energy use.

Installation is quick and easy with only limited DIY skills needed. All our radiators come with a 1.5m cable from the bottom right of the radiator and a 13amp plug attached. Optional feet can be purchased for free standing. Simply plug in and go.

All our radiators are fully programmable on the radiator itself although an optional remote control can also be purchased for ease of programming.

The Ultra Slimline curved design of the Curvo+ make it the most attractive electric radiator on the market today, and with the extra features described above, it is also the most economical.

Our range of electric radiators offer outstanding value for money. They all come with a 10 year guarantee, complete flexibility, easy fitting and comfortable controllable heat. We at Electric Radiator Solutions believe electric radiators are the future of heating and these are our most economical in the market today.

The Curvo+ is available in 6 different sizes: 500w, 750w, 1000w, 1250w, 1600w and 1800w.

Motion Sensor Technology

Motion Sensor - Save upto 12% on energy bills.

Window Open Technology

Window Open Detection - Automatically detects if a window has been opened.

Baby Care Function

Baby Care Function - Limits the surface temperature.

24/7 Digital Programming

24/7 Digital Programming - For total control.

Energy Monitor

Energy Monitor - Monitor your energy consumption.

Digital thermostat

Precise Digital Thermostat - For maximum accuracy.

no installation

Simply Plug In - No mess, no fuss.

lcd display

Large LCD Display - Easy to use & easy to read.

End User Behaviour Indicator

End User Behaviour Indicator - Traffic light system to warn of high temperature (high consumption).

wall mountable

Wall Mountable - Easy installation.

wall mountable

Optional Extras - Feet and remote.

FREE REMOTE! when you buy 3 or more radiators - simply add the remote to your basket and enter the promo code: "FREEREMOTE" at the checkout. (excludes iVista and Niza range)

Radiator Size Guide

It is important to get the right sized electric radiator for your room to ensure optimal functioning. Use our table below or for further information take a look at our size guide page.

Wattage Room Size (m2)
Poor Good
Curvo+ 500 watt electric radiator 500 watt 5m2 6m2 550mm 450mm 35mm - 75mm 7.88kg
Curvo+ 750 watt electric radiator 750 watt 7m2 9m2 550mm 612mm 35mm - 75mm 10.82kg
Curvo+ 1000 watt electric radiator 1000 watt 10m2 12m2 550mm 770mm 35mm - 75mm 13.76kg
Curvo+ 1250 watt electric radiator 1250 watt 13m2 15m2 550mm 924mm 35mm - 75mm 16.70kg
Curvo+ 1600 watt electric radiator 1600 watt 15m2 19m2 550mm 1090mm 35mm - 75mm 19.64kg
Curvo+ 1800 watt electric radiator 1800 watt 18m2 22m2 550mm 1175mm 35mm - 75mm 21.11kg

Delivery Details

Electric Radiator Solutions offer FREE DELIVERY on all products to mainland UK and Scottish Islands.

As part of our free delivery offer we can deliver next day* if required, or on any weekday of your choosing. Free delivery offer is available Monday to Friday only. Saturday delivery is available but carries a surcharge. Offer excludes bank holidays.

*Next day delivery is available to Parcelforce Zone 1 areas only. Orders must be placed before midday the day before. Please click here for areas where next day delivery is not available.

For more information on delivery options click here

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  • Price
    Saved 40 % on heating bill

    Review by Oli on 05/02/2019

    The radiator heats the room very well, it is easy to regulate and I am especially happy with the option to remote control it. When I travel I put it at defrost level while away. When I am back in the UK and get internet connection on the phone in the airport I switch it on, and my flat is nice and warm when I get home. The programming option is a very good feature and works very well fro the routine day. Should the routine be broken, there is the option to remote control. Indeed I have saved a lot of money on my energy bill since I removed first the economy 7 heaters and then the convection heaters. I have got the money back for this radiator during 14 months.

  • Price
    Great for holiday home

    Review by Mrs Taylor on 28/12/2018

    We installed some of these in our holiday home in Cornwall and they work brilliantly. We can see exactly what each radiator is doing and set/change accordingly. Great product.

  • Price
    Great quality replacements

    Review by Robert Turner on 08/10/2018

    I bought three of these in various sizes to replace my aging storage heaters that were costing me a small fortune.They work great and my heating bill was halfed. I like the fact that I am able to control the heating while away and program them to the minute for good effective heating. The after sales service was great, one of the radiators arrived with a small dent and within two days I had a replacement with no questions asked I certainly recommend Electric Radiator solutions.

  • Price
    Excellent Product And Service

    Review by Tom Jenkins on 29/03/2018

    We bought these for our holiday home in the Lakes. We can see exactly what each radiator is doing and turn them up before people arrive and down when they have left. All from 100+ miles away! Great performance and very stylish. The service we received was excellent also.

  • Price
    Great quality!

    Review by Marco on 14/10/2017

    I have bought three 750w and one 1000w for my new flat.
    You'll be able to program by the minute remotely and the quality is great.
    Not mentioning the service and after sale which is also great.
    I recommend!

  • Price
    Good For Home Office

    Review by David Chambers on 11/08/2017

    I had this installed this in my home office as my weekly schedules are unpredictable with some travel away from the office.

    Since installing Curvo iVISTA after replacing my old gas heater I have found the heating to be more comfortable. I have no cold feet and my eyes are not dry anymore.

    Also the radiators are Very Slim and Stylish. The app on the mobile phone is easy to use.

    I would recommend ERS

  • Price
    Ideal For Holiday Home

    Review by J S on 11/08/2017

    We installed these Curvo ivista in our 3 bedroom stone holiday cottage in Pembrokeshire.

    They are excellent for controlling heating remotely making it comfortable before we arrive.
    Apart from making it comfortable, this system also helps with controlling our heating bills.

    All done via mobile phone.

    Well done ERS

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