Winter Conservatory Heating With An Economy Electric Radiator

16/02/2016 /
Electric Radiator Solutions Team

Conservatories can be used as a living room, dining room, play room, breakfast room, or office. In fact, all of the above! You can enjoy the outside, inside. They are a great way to extend your home and is a place you should be able to use most of the year, especially considering the cost of building one. But all too many of them are just too cold to sit in for long periods each year.

The big problem is getting your conservatory warm enough in the winter months so you can still use and enjoy it. Extending your central heating is an option, but this can be a nightmare to install. Thinking about how to get the pipework there, only to find your heating system isn’t powerful enough to get the radiator warm enough to heat the room.

The simple answer is a plug in electric radiator from Electric Radiator Solutions. Our electric radiators such as the Prisma will start heating the room within minutes, with comfortable radiated heat from the cast aluminium body. Our radiators heat using twin heating elements with no fluids or heavy ceramic core. They are fitted with an integral room thermostat so the radiator will not overheat the room, this means that you don’t have to switch on the heating for the whole house when you need heating for the conservatory.  Competitor electric radiators with a ceramic core will stay warm and if the sun comes round into the conservatory you can end up with too much heat.

All our radiators can be installed anywhere you have an electrical socket. They can all be wall mounted or fitted with optional feet or wheels for ultimate flexibility making them ideal for the conservatory environment. They are slim and light.

Maybe you use your conservatory as a breakfast room in which case it needs to be warm in the morning all year round. Our electric radiators can be programmed or used manually for instant heat and even have a frost setting to keep the chill off.  The frost setting is also ideal for keeping sub-tropical or tropical plants, which would not withstand the freezing temperatures we get in the winter here.

Whichever radiator you choose for your conservatory, be sure one from Electric Radiator Solutions will give you comfort all year round. Call (01845) 595945 or email to discuss your requirements.