Why Electric Energy Is The Future

05/05/2017 /
Electric Radiator Solutions Team

In our day to day lives many of us take our electricity for granted and forget about the amazing technological advances that have pushed electricity further than we could ever imagine. Electricity in today’s age isn’t just flicking a switch to light up a room, we now have huge advancements such as electric vehicles, smart electrical heating, solar energy and even the development of Tesla Powerwalls. In this blog we’ll give you all the information you need to future proof your house and explain why electric energy is the future.

Renewable Electric Energy

The reason why electricity is becoming so popular as a main source of household amenities such as hot water and home heating, in addition to our more conventional electrical equipment, is due to the developments in renewable energy.

There are now multiple ways you can generate electricity for free via the method of renewables - below are some top tips to help you choose the right system to power your home:

  • If you’re prepared to make a sizeable investment in order to go green, save carbon dioxide and generate large amounts of energy try a wind turbine or a substantial solar PV system.
  • If you’d like to help the environment but have limited funds it might be better to think about a cheaper option such as basic solar roof panels to generate your electricity.
  • Finally, if you live in an isolated location you may get the most reliable off-grid supply from hydro power or from a mixture of wind and solar.

Tesla Power Walls

One advancement in particular that has made headlines and solved many households problems is the Tesla Powerwall. We’re all familiar with solar panels which can be installed on the roofs of our homes in order to generate free electricity. It has however been reported in recent years that consumers don’t get the best usage possible from their panels due to extra energy being unable to be saved for future use.

Tesla powerwalls on the other hand are proving to be extremely beneficial due to various benefits including; being easily installed within utility rooms (or any other appropriate area of your house), are easily wall or floor mountable and are much more discreet than solar panels. What’s more, they’re able to store excess energy produced throughout the day in order to fuel your home for longer thus saving you even more money.

Why Use Renewable Energy?

There are so many perks to using renewable energy to help power your home, here are our top 5 benefits:

  • Utilising local and secure resources.
  • Reducing your dependency on nonrenewable energy.
  • Helping the environment by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide you produce
  • Help to create jobs within the renewable energy sector.
  • Most importantly… Reduce your energy bill, with some energy providers even letting you sell any surplus energy back to them!

Future Proof Electric Appliances

If you're liking the sound of using renewable energy to power your home it's also imperative to kit your home out with the right equipment to power. Simple things such as changing your home heating from gas to electric, as well as switching to an electric shower, can be a huge help towards wiping out those energy bills. Switching to electric heating will also cut out any maintenance issues with your boiler as well as eliminating the lengthy pipe systems needed for traditional gas central heating.

Here at Electric Radiator Solutions we have just the products to get you started on your electric venture. Why not try our Prisma Electric Radiators for an quick and easy fit. Alternatively, swap your chunky bathroom radiator for one of our slim and sleek electric heated towel rails. And for the techies, we also have a range of wifi enabled smart electric radiators which allow you to control your home heating from anywhere by simply using your smartphone or table.

If you’re thinking about converting to an electric heating system in order to aid your renewable energy venture but aren't sure where to start, contact us today at Electric Radiator Solutions and we’ll be happy to help you on your way!