Where to Position a Radiator?

11/11/2016 /
Electric Radiator Solutions Team

Where to position a radiator is a common question. Electric radiators are flexible and easy to fit. You can position one anywhere as long as you have a socket nearby. But where is the best place to fit a radiator?

The best place to fit any radiator, electric or a central heating radiator, is under a window. Why is this? This is so that the cold air from the window is heated at the point of entry, instead of letting it pass right through the room before it is heated.

Fitting a radiator away from the window will result in greater differences in the air temperature of the room, resulting in less comfort.

Comfort is achieved when the room temperature is uniform. No draughts and no big differences in temperature across the room, or between the floor and the ceiling. Heaters that emit a lot of convected heat result in differences of upto 6 degrees between the top and bottom of the room. The feet are cold and the top of the room feels uncomfortable. To achieve 20 degrees at the bottom of the room the thermostat has to be at 26 degrees leading to high running costs!

Quality electric radiators emit a high percentage of radiated heat. They have a large surface area which heats to an even temperature so heat radiates evenly from the body. They must be of high grade cast aluminium and not ‘lightweight’. Weight and cost to buy are good indications of quality (although not always the case with cost). Check the weight.

If it’s not always possible to place under a window because of height restrictions. If you can’t get it under a window, then certainly is better on the outside (external) wall somewhere. Again, this will remove cold spots, prevent damp and improve comfort.

Where Not to Place the Radiator

Our Electric Radiators have integral thermostats located on the bottom right of the radiator. These are highly accurate at measuring the ambient room temperature at the lowest point. Because of this, the radiator shouldn’t be installed in a ventilated area (draught) or in direct sunlight.

The minimum distance from the floor to the bottom of the radiator is 15cm. A good airflow under and around the radiator is required.

The radiator must not be covered by clothes and other objects.


Long curtains will not only cover the radiator but also block the heat from coming into the room. Not a good idea!


These days, people think about furniture first and radiators second. It’s better to give priority to your heating requirements. First, you must get the right power for the room size to effectively and efficiently heat the room. Placing a radiator behind the sofa or other furniture is a bad idea as it will just block the heat.


Our designer electric radiators are all very slim and easy on the eye. Show off your radiator. Not only will it become a talking point for visitors you will get the best out of it.

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