When does Spring start?

03/03/2017 /
Electric Radiator Solutions Team

Spring always starts in March but there are two definitions of when spring starts, and therefore different dates.

Meteorological Spring

The meteorological Spring begins on the 1st March as it is based on the weather and the calendar. Meteorological seasons divide the 12 months of a year by the four seasons giving each season 3 months each.

Spring: 1st March – 31st May

Summer: 1st June – 31st August

Autumn: 1st September – 30th November

Winter: 1st December – 28th February

The meteorological seasons are defined as this using the calendar and for consistency with weather patterns and monthly weather statistics.

Astronomical Spring

Astronomical spring begins with the spring equinox. This is when the day’s start being longer than the nights. The spring equinox can be on a different date. This year it is on the 20th March, but it can occur on the 19th or 21st March. Due to this and other equinox’s and solstices, the seasons measured astronomically can vary in length. This is why meteorologists prefer to use the set 3 x month seasons method as described above for consistency.

You can join the debate about the start of spring here.

Signs of Spring

With days getting longer than nights you would obviously expect the weather to improve but what other signs point to spring. Here are some from nature:

  • As with our picture above, daffodils coming out are a sure sign of spring. Along with snow drops and crocuses and trees blossoming.
  • The birds start signing. You may have heard some already. Robins are usually the first to start their song. You can also hear Tawny Owls hooting and woodpeckers strumming.
  • ‘Mad’ March Hares. These usually elusive creatures can be seen boxing in the fields.
  • Newborn Lambs. Lambs are one of the first signs of Spring.
  • Busy Buzzy Bees. On warm spring days, Bumblebees will start to emerge.
  • Frisky Frogs. Frogspawn starts appearing on ponds and streams in March.
  • Snow. Yes snow! There’s an old saving that you are more likely to see snow at Easter rather than Christmas. Statistics back this up.

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