What is the Best Electric Heating System For My Home?

05/02/2016 /
Electric Radiator Solutions Team

Many people are unhappy with their current electric heating. Maybe you have just moved to a property with storage heaters and just panel heaters in the bedrooms? Bulky looking, uneconomical and with poor controls, storage heaters are an outdated concept.

The good news is that technology has moved on with electric heating just as with everything in modern life. New state of the art electric radiators offer greater controllability, an excellent quality of heat and all this whilst saving you money. How? Below we will go through the pros and cons of different electric heating systems.

Why choose Electric Heating?

There are many benefits of electric heating. Mainly the flexibility and minimal installation. If there is no mains gas to your property, it will cost you £100’s to get a connection, even if there is gas in the street outside! Overall you could be looking at least £5,000 to install a new central heating system. Electric radiators can be fitted in minutes with no expensive plumbers and no pipes.

Electric Radiators

Our electric radiators perform just like a conventional ‘wet’ system radiator but without the need for a boiler. Electric radiators give the same quality of heat just like a central heating system; a gentle, radiated heat, not dry convected heat.

The biggest benefit of our electric radiators over traditional wet systems is the superior controllability. Each radiator has its own precise thermostat so you can set the desired temperature for each different room as and when you need heat. Full 24/7 programming allows you to set a lower temperature for when the room is not in use, thus saving you money with running costs at only being a few pence per hour.

Storage Heaters

Storage heaters charge up overnight using a ‘cheap’ rate of electricity. Clay bricks or similar materials store the heat for use the following day.

The main disadvantage of storage heating is the lack of control. First of all you have to predict the weather the day before to decide whether or not you need heat for the following day. If you fail to turn down the input, they will emit heat all next day if you want it or not! Also, if you fail to turn them up or on, you will have NO heat the following day!

Storage heaters run best on an Economy 7 tariff. This offers a ‘cheap’ rate through the night but the day rate is inflated eliminating any potential savings!

Storage Heaters are bulky and deliver little if any radiated heat, mostly convected heat which can be dry and does not heat the lower part of the room. Also, even with the output set to a minimum, heat is emitted during the day when you are out at work and there is no heat left in an evening when you need it most. This results in you having to switch on other heaters, which run at an expensive day rate.

Panel/Convector heaters

Panel convector heaters can be used to heat a small space and can be free standing or wall mounted. They are usually cheap to buy, but expensive to run. Convected heat is dry and rises resulting in large temperature differences between the top and bottom of a room. Limited or no thermostats and lack of radiated heat give little comfort. The use of convectors for home heating is not recommended.

Electric Oil Filled Radiators

Portable electric oil filler radiators use an oil transfer fluid to heat the metal body. These use a lot of electricity and give off mainly convected heat. Mechanical thermostats are often fitted which don’t give a stable room temperature, and as above convector heaters mean a large difference in temperature between the top and bottom of the room. Although they can give a high heat output they use a lot of power and should only be used as supplementary heating.

Fan Heaters

Probably the most expensive form of electric heater along with convectors. High power but uses a great deal of electricity. Fan Heaters can be used to heat directly or in only very small spaces. Only consider for fast heating or supplementary heat.

The Best Electric Heating System - Quality Energy Saving Products

We want our electric heating to use less energy – it’s good for the environment and our customers electricity bills. The best electric heating systems currently on the market are our electric radiators

Models such as the Prisma have very accurate digital thermostats so the radiator only draws power when it feels the room temperature falling below what is set, and shutting off as soon as it is reached. Also, 24/7 programming allows heat when you want it, and set back temperatures when you don’t. Each room and radiator are independent and can be set differently meaning rooms can be at different temperatures at different times throughout the day. All our radiators come with a UK plug attached so can be fitted anywhere easily, there is no pipe work to worry about or annual inspection fees.

Extra features on the Prisma+ and Curvo+ also help you to save energy. These ranges have an Energy Saving Motion Sensor fitted which will turn the radiator down if you forget and also Energy Saving Window Open Detection which switch the radiators off when a large temperature drop is detected. An energy counter also helps you keep track of your usage.

Our electric radiators require no maintenance. With a lower capital cost to buy and install along with low running costs, our electric radiators can be considered the future of heating.

Electric Radiator Solutions are the market leaders in the technology of electric radiators and are dedicated to help you reduce your energy costs in order to minimise your carbon footprint. Call our team (01845) 595945 or shop online today.