Confused By Smart Products - Comparing Different Electric Radiators

04/03/2016 /
Electric Radiator Solutions Team

Do you ever find yourself searching on websites of Electrical Radiator retailers, staring at the multitude of offers on display, and desperately trying to work out whether any of it is a “Smart Electric Radiator” product and value for money?  Many of our customers from our experience do…

What is a Smart Electric Radiator?

Basically it allows you to manage your heating from smart phone, tablets or computers. So it helps you SAVE ENERGY. Electric Radiators are an excellent choice for home heating. However, with several manufacturers and suppliers out there, it is important to understand the differences and energy saving features available. Below is a comparison of normal electric radiators vs the market leading technology available from Electric Radiator Solutions with our Prisma+ iVISTA.

Competitor - Standard Electric Radiators Electric Radiator Solutions - Prisma+ iVISTA
Aluminium Body
24/7 Programming
Motion Sensor
DIY Install
Slimline (less than 80mm depth)
Energy Counter
Window Open Detection
Smart Remote Mobile Technology

Not all Electric Radiators are equal!

All modern electric radiators will be made from Aluminium. The differences start here. All Electric Radiator Solutions radiators are made from Cast Aluminium for rapid heat dissipation of heat. Lesser models from some competitors are made using extruded aluminium with lesser properties of cast. More like “thin tin” but made of aluminium and described as light weight

All have 24/7 programming however some are complicated to programme.

Most electric radiators are simple to install. Make sure all come with a UK plug fitted. Believe it or not, some cheaper models do not!

Some suppliers describe their products as SLIMLINE. Make sure you check the dimensions. Our Curvo+ model is the slimmest on the market at 35mm top and bottom curving out to 75mm in the middle. Our Prisma models are just 70mm deep. Some are described as ‘Slimline’ but are actually more than 100mm thick.

Then the differences really start as there are not “smart features” but just a description. How many radiators have a motion sensor which will turn the radiator down when it detects nobody in the room?

Open window technology is also a useful energy saving feature. This feature will switch the radiator off when it detects a sudden drop in temperature (such as doors are windows being opened). Other lesser models you could imagine throwing your cash out of the window and watching it blow away!

An energy counter helps you keep track of your energy usage and gives you information on how you can save energy around the house.

Smart Heating

The main feature of modern heating systems now is to control your heating remotely. Smart thermostats can be fitted to central heating systems and now this energy saving technology can now finally be applied to electric heating!

With wireless management from anywhere, you can turn your heating on or off and up and down from anywhere in the world. Simply purchase your iVISTA radiators and MiniBox, download the free app and simply connect for ultimate control. You can also remotely monitor your energy consumption per radiator daily, weekly, monthly or annually.

Beware many other firms describing their products as ‘smart’ but in reality they are not.

When choosing electric radiators check the list above. Don’t settle for second best.

If you are looking for Energy Efficient Electric Radiators check out our range here.

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