Understanding your energy bills

26/05/2016 /
Electric Radiator Solutions Team

Even with the big energy providers vowing to make their bills easier to read it still feels as though you have to crack some kind of code just to know how much you are paying and for what. In this article we explain everything you need to know about understanding your energy bills so that you can confidently understand your bill and make the right choices when switching.

1. Check Your Tariff

Your tariff should be clearly indicated on your bill. Providers tend to have different names for the different offers they currently have. Checking your tariff and ensuring you are on the correct one for your usage could save you a lot of money. Make sure you are not on a standard tariff as these tend to be most expensive and shop around for the best rates.

2. Check The Rates of Your Tariff

Energy rates on your bill are charged in kWh (kilowatt hours). The rates you are charged depend on what tariff you are on which is why it is so important to check that you are not on a standard tariff. A kilowatt hour is the equivalent of 1000 watt hours so in theory if you use an appliance that is rated 1000 watts for one hour you will be charged 1kWh.

3. Paying by Direct Debit

Check that you are paying by direct debit, if you’re not then you could be paying more for your energy. Paying by direct debit not only means your energy supplier could offer you a discount but also spreads the cost of your bills throughout the year so you don’t get a shock when you get high bills in the winter and lower bills in the summer.

4. Switch To An Online Tariff

Opting for an online tariff often means you get the biggest savings of them all. Instead of a paper bill for these tariffs you receive your bill online. This doesn’t just save on paper but also means all your bills are in one place, making it easier to calculate your usage in kWh and corresponding costs over a year giving you a great advantage when searching for the best deal.

Follow the tips above for understanding your energy bills.

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