The Slimmest Electric Radiators On The Market Today Have Arrived In The UK

19/01/2016 /
Electric Radiator Solutions Team

With everyone thinking about getting slim this New Year, we are looking at the slimmest, most compact and attractive electric radiators on the market today.

We all value space in our homes and sometimes it is limited. We don’t want bulky heaters taking up too much room, which is the case with traditional radiators and storage heaters.  Electric Radiator Solutions have thoroughly researched the entire electric radiator market and have arrived with the most efficient and slimmest electric radiator yet.

Our Curvo+ Ultra Slimline range is designed so that it is only 35mm deep top and bottom, curving out to 75mm in the middle. Inside is the latest in dry heating element technology. The dual heating elements directly warm the aluminium body for extremely fast heat using less electricity to reach your desired temperature.

The Curvo+ not only incorporates a 100% controllable Digital Programmer for 24/7 Total Control but also has the latest smart energy efficient features, such as Motion Sensor and Window Open Technology. These exclusive features combined can save you up to an extra 16% on top of normal energy savings.

Many of our competitors call their radiators ‘Slimline’ , but compare the measurements above and there is no contest!   Traditional radiators and those with “Ceramic Core” come to a minimum of 100mm depth or more and are much heavier making wall mounting a bit tricky. Traditional electric radiators are also not very stylish making them look out of place in modern homes.  Our Curvo+ is the best looking electric radiator on the market today. 

Our range of Ultra Slimline Electric Radiators are suitable for home owners, landlord’s, builders and are ideal for small businesses as a low cost form of electric heating.

Remember, it is always a must to get the correct power for the size of room that you are trying to heat, but with Electric Radiator Solutions' range of Slimline Electric Radiators, you can find something that will not only fit but keep you warm and cosy this winter.

The Curvo+ Ultra Slimline Electric Radiator is available in 5 sizes to suit your requirements. The Brand New Curvo+ iVISTA with smart capabilities is coming soon to give you even more control from your smartphone or compatible portable device.

If you have a small space that requires the use of a slimline radiator then why not take a look at our online shop or alternatively for help and advice contact our friendly team today