The Best Way to Run Your Electric Radiators

08/01/2016 /
Electric Radiator Solutions Team

Our range of Slimline Electric Radiators from Prisma to Curvo+ are fully time and temperature controllable giving you 100% control. Basically you can program our radiators with 24hr programming 7 days a week in hourly intervals (or half hour intervals with optional remote control) to suit your individual heating needs. 

So, what is the best way to program your electric radiator?

We recommend that you set two temperatures, one for when you are using the room (comfort temperature), and one for when you are not (economy temperature). You can programme the radiators to run between these two temperatures 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (24/7 programming). 

Each room and day can be programmed differently to suit your lifestyle. This gives you superior control and helps you save money on your energy bills when compared to traditional central heating systems which only have one thermostat to control the entire house.

So, you could have it on economy temperature all night, rising to comfort temperature for a couple of hours on a morning for when you get up, say 7am till 9am. Then back down to economy temperature during the day whilst you are out at work, then to comfort temperature in the evening, say 6pm till 10pm. Then back to economy through the night.  You can programme to whatever suits your lifestyle (office, night or shift work).

The temperatures can be set to whatever you like. However, it is best for running costs to keep the difference between your comfort and economy temperature at 3-4 degrees. Typically a comfort temperature will be between 18 and 21 degrees. So, if you have 19 degrees for comfort, it is best to have economy temperature at 15 degrees.

You are in control of the temperature so you are in control of the running cost! Turning down by 1ºC can save between 7 and 10%. You can set the temperatures to whatever you like, however it is best to keep the 3-4 degree difference as described above for maximum efficiency.

Why do we recommend leaving your electric radiator on all the time?

It is important to leave the radiators on all the time. First of all make sure you have selected the correct size electric radiator for the room size/size of area you are trying to heat. It is never a mistake to over specify, but a big mistake to under specify, as a smaller radiator will be working too hard and be on more than it should be. This will result in a higher running cost!

Leave them on all the time, never switch them off. The highly accurate thermostat will switch them off for you when the room is up to temperature, kicking in with small amounts of power and heat to keep the room temperature as and when required. It is better to leave them on all the time keeping the 3-4 degrees difference rather than switching on and off and heating a room from cold. You can use our room size guide and the size charts on our section on our product pages to calculate the correct size electric radiators for you rooms. Please make sure you measure the room accurately for best results.

What Are The Advantages Of Complete Control Over Your Heating System?

All of the electric radiators can be programmed independently giving you ultimate control. Different rooms can be different temperatures at different times. Only heat the rooms you are using. Guest rooms can be set to anti frost function to help prevent maintenance issues and keep mould at bay and save energy.

In addition, our Curvo+ and Prisma+ electric radiators have extra features designed to save you money. They are equipped with a motion sensor which lowers the temperature if it detects nobody in the room. The + ranges also have window open detection technology which switches the radiator off if it detects an unusual drop in temperature such as windows being opened to let fresh air in. They will even switch back on when the room returns to normal i.e. when the window is closed.

Curvo+ and Prisma+ also have a built in energy monitor so you can keep track of your energy usage and a colour display warning of high temperature setting.

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