When is a storm named in the UK?

10/02/2017 /
Electric Radiator Solutions Team

Last week there was lots of talk and predictions of the latest winter storm – ‘Storm Doris’. However, the storm wasn’t actually named. Why was this? We will discuss below.

Why do we name storms?

Naming storms makes people aware and helps both the authorities and general public become prepared. It aids communication through the media so people can be safe.

When did we start naming storms?

In September 2015, the Met Office began their ‘name our storms’ campaign with the public and the first named storm ‘Abigail’ was 10th November 2015.

How are storm names chosen?

More than 10,000 names were suggested by the public back in 2015. The Met Office and Met Éireann (meteorological service in Ireland) chose the names for both 2015/2016 and 2016/2017.

The full list of the names for 2016/2017 is: Angus, Barbara, Conor, Doris, Ewan, Fleur, Gabriel, Holly, Ivor, Jacqui, Kamil, Louise, Malcolm, Natalie, Oisin, Penelope, Robert, Susan, Thomas, Valerie and Wilbert.

This list will be applied to storms between 1 October and September next year.

There are no storms named with the letters Q, U, X, Y or Z in line with the US National Hurricane naming conventions.

Recent Storm History

Winter storm are very common the UK. In 2013/14 there were 12 major storms which led to severe floods in England, for example on the Somerset Levels.

Last years first named storm was ‘Abigail’ on the 10th November. Last winter storms ‘Desmond’ and ‘Eva’ caused December to be the wettest in over a century. Desmond was responsible for flooding in Carlisle and Eva brought flooding to many parts of Yorkshire on Boxing day, causing a partial collapse of Tadcaster bridge, which has just re-opened this week.

The 11th and last named storm of last winter was ‘Katie’ which was named on the 25th March and brought high winds over Easter Sunday and Monday.

By this time last year we were up to letter I, storm Imogen, however this winter we have only had 3 x named storms, Angus, Barbara and Conor.

When is a storm named?

In the UK a storm is named when it has the potential to cause an amber (be prepared) or red (take action) warning, based on the National Severe Weather Warning service. These warnings are for a combination of impact and likelihood of these happening. Storms can be named on the impacts of wind, rain or snow.

This Winter

So far this winter, there has only been three named storms: Angus on the 19th and 20th November, Barbara just before Christmas and Conor just after.

The lack of storms this year has been down to High pressure blocking in the east, which has prevented low pressure and unsettled weather reaching the UK. High pressure has meant long cold spells.

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