Smart Things to consider when purchasing Electric Radiators!!

22/02/2016 /
Electric Radiator Solutions Team

Homeowners and businesses are constantly looking for energy efficient heating to cut down on their heating bills. New generation electric radiators can help. Below are important things to consider.

Size of the area to heat

This is perhaps the most important question when thinking of buying an electric radiator. Electric radiators are entirely room size dependant. Customers need to accurately measure the room or area to heat, whilst remembering doors opening to other areas will affect the calculation. Even a metre here or there can make a big difference on the power required.


This is one of the main differences between electric radiators and other cheaper forms of electric heating. Our electric radiators use highly accurate electronic thermostats as against cheaper mechanical or cheaper digital thermostats that will overheat and underheat the room. Once you have measured the room it is never a mistake to over specify and if in any doubt always go for the next radiator up in power. With electric radiators you set the temperature that you want the room to be at, remember that the thermostat will stop the radiator heating when the desired temperature is reached.

Programmable 24/7

Our electric radiators have highly accurate time and temperature control. The best way to run them is to leave them on all the time. We recommend that you run it between two temperatures, a comfort temperature for when you are using the room, and a lower economy temperature for when you are not. You can then program the radiator to be at one of these temperatures over a 24 hours period, 7 days a week. This way of heating is the best for efficiency, not heating the room from cold every time but from a base economy temperature. Not heating rooms that you are not using and only heating the rooms you are using at the time you are using them. Remember the thermostat will switch the radiator on and off.

Aluminium Body

All our electric radiators have a cast aluminium body. Aluminium is an ideal material for use of energy efficient radiators as it is strong yet lightweight, has excellent anti corrosion properties (will not rust like steel), and is an excellent conductor of heat (better than steel). Cast aluminium has much better properties than cheaper extruded types advertised as “lightweight”. All Electric Radiator Solutions radiators are solid CAST aluminium.

Technology Inside

Electric Radiator Solutions use the latest dry technology to deliver maximum efficiency for minimal energy. Some other electric radiator manufacturers use old fashioned fluid to heat the radiator body. With no medium of fluid to heat, our radiators heat up faster with no worrying about leakage. Fluid radiators also tend to be thicker in design to accommodate for the internal fluids. Another technology used by some manufacturers is to heat a stone or ceramic block. These radiators again are much chunkier and can be quite heavy. They also take longer to heat up.

Attractive Slimline Design with energy saving features and Smart Wireless control from anywhere

Our Curvo+ electric radiator is the most attractive on the market today. At only 35mm top and bottom (curving out to 75mm in the middle), it is also the slimmest. The Curvo+ makes a stylish addition to any home. Be sure to check dimensions of other electric radiators as some look slim in photographs but in reality are quite bulky. As well as full 24/7 programming, highly accurate thermostat and aluminium body our Curvo+ has extra features not found in rival products. Motion sensor, window open detection, surface temperature limiter and energy counter means all you have to do is sit back and relax in your warm comfortable home, without the worry of high heating bills.

Our new Prisma+ iVISTA is the first electric radiator in the UK with remote mobile technology meaning you can control your heating from anywhere in the world via your smartphone or tablet.

Electric Radiator Solutions are dedicated to bringing you the most technologically advanced electric heating in order to help reduce your energy bills. Call us on (01845) 595945 or email today.