Smart Radiators with Window Open Technology Can Save You Money

22/04/2016 /
Electric Radiator Solutions Team

Here at Electric Radiator Solutions we are committed to be the Number 1 supplier of the most technologically advanced Smart Electric Radiators in the UK.

The Best Electric Radiators are always manufactured from cast aluminium for quick dispersion of heat. Cast aluminium offers a higher amount of radiated heat compared with other cheaper forms of aluminium and steel used in the construction of radiators.  This leads to much better feeling of Comfort in the home which is a nice feeling to have in a room.   They will have the latest quality thermostats for precise temperature control. Electric radiators are fully programmable with full time and temperature control, giving the user the ability to set the temperature of every room and radiator differently.

What sets the Prisma+ and Curvo+ electric radiators apart from the rest are several extra features not found in other lesser manufacturers. One of these energy saving features is Window Open Detection’. How does this work? We will explain below.

So spring is here and you want to refresh the ambient air in your house with nice, crisp fresh spring air. If you forget to switch your radiators off you might as well throw your money out of the window! This is easily done with today’s busy lifestyle.

Our Window open detection sensor will automatically switch the radiator off when it detects a fall in temperature of 1.5 to 2 o C in less than 14 minutes. Same happens if you leave the door open. The display will flash and the open window icon on the screen will also flash and then the radiator switches itself to standby mode.

The radiator will automatically detect a temperature rise, say when you close the window or door and switch itself back on. The window open detection function can be switched on or off for your convenience. It is easy to see how this advancement in technology can save you money.

The next generation of smart radiators from electric radiators solutions are perfect if you are looking at energy efficiency or want to upgrade from a traditional heating system. Our iVISTA range even allows you to control your heating from your smartphone or tablet, perfect for cutting down on those energy bills!

Why not contact our Expert Team on 01845 595945 who are dedicated to providing you with best heating solutions for your home or workplace which is why our customer service is highly rated.