Slimline & Stylish Wall Mounted Electric Radiators.

12/05/2016 /
Electric Radiator Solutions Team

Here at Electric Radiator Solutions, wall mounted electric radiators is our strong point. All our radiators come with a wall mounting bracket and are easy to install with simple DIY skills. Simply drill four holes, screw the bracket on the wall, hang the radiator on the bracket and plug in.

Electric radiators can be installed anywhere, although the best place for any radiator (Inc. central heating radiators) is on an outside wall, preferably under a window. This is so you are heating the cold air at the point of entry, before it comes right into the room.

Electric Radiator Solutions are the market leaders in the latest technology in electric heating. Our radiators are manufactured from top grade cast aluminium, whilst lesser products are from cheap extruded aluminium, which doesn’t have the same properties as cast.

Inside our radiators is the latest dry technology. Top quality twin heating elements made from high calibre nickel chrome alloy, the leading material for the manufacture of heating elements. Beware of lesser products that use cheaper materials for the heating element that produce more convected heat rather than comfortable radiated heat. There are no fluids, no oil or powders in any of our products. The elements heat the aluminium directly with no third medium, thus resulting in a faster heating up time compared to other products.

Our Curvo+ Ultra Slimline range is designed so that it is only 35mm deep top and bottom, curving out to 75mm in the middle. This makes it slimmest radiator in market today and also much lighter and slimmer than bulky ceramic core radiators and old fashioned storage heaters.

When fixing any of our wall mounted electric radiators onto a solid wall, the screws provided in the box are fine. When fixing onto a plasterboard wall, it is recommended to use proper plasterboard screws (not provided), such as redi-driver or similar.

Electric radiators give you the same qualities as a gas central heating system, greater controllability and require no maintenance.

We stock a full range of electric radiators including Prisma, Prisma+, Curvo+ and Prisma iVista. For a list of features and benefits please click here.

Electric radiators are a perfect solution for heating one room or as a whole house central heating system and are not only used by private individuals as a replacement for storage heaters, but are ideal for extensions, conservatories, orangeries, garage conversions etc. They are used by businesses, landlords, holiday homes and renovations on or off the gas grid. Also increasingly for new build houses and flats.

So if you have had enough of traditional storage heaters or you are thinking about upgrading your system or would like to know how the latest technology in electric home heating could benefit you why not contact our expert team. We are dedicated to supplying the most efficient electric radiators which is why you won’t find our state of the art technology anywhere else.

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