Tell Tale Signs Your Home Needs A New Heating System

02/05/2019 /
Electric Radiator Solutions Team

Does Your Home Need A New Heating System?

With spring just beginning, it’s the time of the year where we all hurry to refresh our homes. It’s the perfect time to give your home a thorough clean, make any repairs and replace anything that is far past saving! Although it sounds crazy, one appliance in our homes we always tend to miss during the spring clean out is our heating systems. But why not get things prepared for the Winter well in advance? Wouldn’t it be nice to avoid any unwelcome surprises when those cold nights eventually fade in again? This blog will you give you some top tips to spot whether your heating systems are due to be replaced or not so you can get cracking with your spring refresh!

  1. Looking out for damp is a good way to spot whether your heating systems are not doing the full job that they should. Although damp can be caused by many things and it's important to have it checked out, it could simply be because your heating system isn’t effective in drying out your home in the cold wet weather.
  2. Are you hearing weird noises coming from your radiators? Radiators should be reasonably quiet, and certainly shouldn’t be giving off loud and noticeable noises. If noises start to become a regular occurence with your gas central heating you may need to consider a replacement. Opting for electric heating options means you eradicate this noise whilst enjoying energy efficient radiators.
  3. Do you think your radiators are a mismatch in your modern home? Sometimes when we decorate our homes we forget to replace simple appliances such as radiators. Old and clunky heaters aren’t fashionable anymore, opting for a new modern, slimline style electric radiators can be a great aesthetic addition.  
  4. Do the radiators just not feel warm anymore? This is clearly the most obvious tell tale sign that you need to upgrade your heating systems. At this point, it could be sensible to stop paying for those expensive repairs and instead upgrade to a brand new modern option.

After considering some of the above tips, if you think that you’re due an upgrade then I’m guessing your next question is what’s on offer?

There are plenty new radiator solutions that are both efficient and have handy options to give you greater convenience. Many electric heating systems offer advances in radiator technology including temperature control with motion presence or open window detection. Some also have complete control via an app which enables you to adapt settings to suit the requirements you choose in your home right from your mobile. These features easily allow for individuals to control when the heating should be on, for how long and in which rooms saving energy and therefore money.

Electric radiators come in all shapes and sizes so you can find the perfect style to suit you and your home. Perfect for a bathroom is a modern electric towel rail. For the living room a more aesthetically pleasing modern electric radiator with the added bonus of installing it anywhere, whether it be to heat a specific area of the room or to go underneath large windows.

For support in choosing the most appropriate electric heating system, contact the team at Electric Radiator Solutions. We can talk you through how to make the most of electric radiators in your home along with implementing a smart