Replacing Storage Heaters with Electric Radiators

24/04/2017 /
Electric Radiator Solutions Team

Replace Your Night Storage Heaters with Slimline Energy Efficient Electric Radiators

Below we will discuss replacing storage heaters with electric radiators.

Storage heaters work by heating up clay or ceramic bricks overnight for 7 hours (Economy 7). The storage heater bricks store the heat and release it slowly during the day. Usually there are input and output dials for control.

Storage heaters work on an electricity tariff called Economy 7 or Economy 10. These tariffs charge two rates. One cheap rate at night and a higher day rate.

Many of our customers are unhappy with their storage heaters. The main reason is they have a lack of control. They emit heat all day when you are out at work. If you are at home, the heat is uncomfortable and not required during the day, leading to some people having to open windows. Most people find that the storage heaters have run out of heat at evening time when you need it the most, leaving you to find other sources of heating. Some customers also find that they have high electricity bills, despite being on an ‘economy’ tariff.

Electric Radiators

The main difference between storage heaters and electric radiators is the controllability.

Electric radiators have thermostats enabling you to set the temperature for each room. When this temperature is reached, the radiators stop heating. So, no overheating. Also, when the room temperature drops below the temperature the radiator is set at, the radiator will kick in with small amounts of heat and power to maintain the set temperature. They also have programmers. You can set a lower temperature for rooms you are not using, when you are out or night time when you are asleep. You can then programme your electric radiators to be a nice comfort temperature for when you get home, or when you wake up etc. Accurate thermostats and programming will reduce your energy usage.

There is also a big difference in the quality of heat between storage heaters and our electric radiators. All our radiators are made from cast aluminium. This gives a high percentage of soft radiated heat, whereas your storage heaters give a high percentage of convected heat. Convected heat is a much less comfortable heat, very dry and also gives large differences in temperature between the top and bottom of the room, leading to higher running costs and cold feet! Radiated heat gives an even room temperature and not a dry heat.

To find out more about replacing storage heaters click here.

Removing Storage Heaters

Any electrician can help remove your storage heaters and convert your sockets. All our radiators come with a 1.5m cable which comes out of the bottom right of the radiator (as you look at it on the wall) and a 13amp plug attached. You can either plug in or chop the plug off and wire into fused spurs. You don’t have to place our radiators where you old storage heaters were. You can read more about the best place to position a radiator here.

Changing Tariffs

To Change from an Economy 7 tariff to a standard tariff you will need to ring your current supplier. If you have a modern digital meter, switching from E7 to standard may be able to be done over the phone. However, if you have two meters or an older installation, the electric company may need to come out to swap your tariff over. Once your current supplier has changed the tariff, you should then shop around for the cheapest standard tariff. We actively help customers find the cheapest tariff in your area. If you have any questions please contact our friendly team today on (01845) 595945.

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