Renewable Energy Suppliers: What Are The Benefits?

02/06/2017 /
Electric Radiator Solutions Team

The majority of energy that powers our homes comes from burning fossil fuels, contributing to both pollution and climate change. Renewable energy options are becoming a more popular choice within present society, offering power sought from renewable sources such as; wind, solar, wave, tidal, biomass and hydroelectric power. Electric Radiator Solutions take a look at how this type of energy can benefit both you and the environment.

Renewable Energy Suppliers:

The most predominant energy suppliers that offer 100% renewable energy tariffs are Ovo, Ecotricity, Bulb, Octopus Energy, Green Star, Green Energy UK and Good Energy. All energy is distributed to homes through the National Grid, so it cannot be guaranteed that 100% of the renewable energy you pay for will be reaching your home, but you can be assured that you are contributing to the bigger picture, in that more renewable energy will be circulating around the country as opposed to non renewable.

The Big 6 and Renewables:

Many of ‘the big 6’ do offer green energy tariffs to support their role in renewable energy movement, even if it is not their main concern. Below are some of the types of renewable tariffs you’re likely to come across from the big 6:

  • Energy match: the energy supplier matches some, or all, of the electric you use with renewable energy that they feed back into the National Grid.
  • Green Fund: the energy supplier funds renewable energy projects.
  • Carbon offset: the energy supplier seeks to balance the CO2 emissions used by the energy you consume, by planting trees or investing in CO2 reducing projects.

In order for energy companies to supply these green tariffs they need to hold a Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin certificate, ensuring that customers are informed of the proportion of energy produced via renewable sources.

Why Switch To A Green Tariff?

The Environment

The most obvious advantage to using green energy is the positive contribution it has on our environment - using renewable energy sources creates less pollution in our atmosphere. Non renewable energy sources burn fossil fuels, emitting large amounts of CO2 which is a significant cause of climate change.

By signing up to a green energy company, you can be satisfied in knowing you are assisting in protecting the environment which is one of the reasons why the use of renewable energy is slowly rising.

‘Which’ Customer Scores

‘Which’ conducted a survey to rate customer satisfaction across energy suppliers. The categories included: customer service, value for money, accuracy & clarity of bills, and helping you save energy. Ovo, one of the leading green energy companies was voted first place for the second year running. Ecotricity, Green Star Energy and Good Energy were all also placed higher in the table than ‘the big 6’.


It’s a common misconception that signing up to a green energy supplier will be more costly than a non renewable energy supplier. Although it is more probable you may pay a little extra, it is not always the case. With the use of comparison sites, it is possible to find green energy tariffs that are cheaper than a standard tariff. Spending that bit of extra time researching tariffs can offer savings, and can actually be found cheaper than what ‘the big 6’ can offer.

Due to growing public interest in green energy, and policies such as ‘the Renewables Obligation’ being introduced to place a duty on energy suppliers to boost green energy options, specialist green energy providers are able to price their tariffs at competitive rates to attract new custom.

Green energy customers can also hold the satisfaction of knowing that even if they are paying a little extra in charges, their money is contributing to a bigger picture, funding renewable energy productions instead of funding profit for companies such as ‘the big 6’.

Some green energy suppliers also offer added benefits to their customers. For example, Green Energy UK allow customers to become shareholders in the company for free! If you own an electric vehicle you can even benefit from free charging points across the country by switching to Ecotricity’s tariff as well as saving an extra £40 off your annual bills.

Generate Your Own Green Energy:

Of course, you do not need a big energy supplier to use green energy resources. The most popular self generated choices used in homes are solar and wind energy where an individual can invest in solar panels, or a small wind turbine on their land.

The government offer incentives for homes that are involved in producing green energy, with their ‘Feed In tariff’, paying you to produce green energy dependant on how much you generate. Before investing in such projects however, you should first research around what will be best for your home.

To make the most of green energy in your home don’t forget to think about the appliances you need to power. Electric Radiator Solutions offer the best in energy efficient home heating, perfect for integrating with green energy sources. For more information take a look at our online shop or get in touch with our specialists