Reduce your energy bills by adding more insulation and Smart Electric Radiators

19/05/2016 /
Electric Radiator Solutions Team

People buy electric radiators for many reasons. The superb level of controllability is second to none when compared to other forms of heating, including gas central heating. Electric radiators are simple to fit, making them perfect for extensions and renovations. Accurate thermostats and full time and temperature programming lead to energy savings.

Your heating system is only one part of achieving a reduction in your carbon footprint and reduced energy costs. The main thing homeowners can do is increase the level of insulation in the home.

Insulation is nothing new, in fact it has been around for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians built the pyramids with thick stone blocks made of mud which kept out the heat in the day, yet kept the inside warm at night when the temperature in the desert cooled. The Romans found ways of insulating their hot water pipes using cork.

The housing stock in the UK is one of the least energy efficient in Europe. Whatever heating system you have, if your house is more than 10 years old you could benefit from installing more insulation. Current regulations recommend 270mm of loft insulation. In 1990 the level of loft insulation required by building regulations was only 150mm. In 1950 no loft insulation was required!

Half of the energy we use to heat or cool our homes can simply leak out without insulation. Insulation helps to:

  • save money on your energy bills
  • reduce your energy use and lower greenhouse gas emissions
  • reduce reliance on heating and cooling systems
  • improve your comfort at home.

Some types of insulation can make your home more soundproof.

Since heat rises, the more loft insulation the better. It is simple to fit and will keep your house warmer for longer.

Cavity wall insulation is also well worth doing as most heat is lost through the walls. Solid walls can also be insulated and you could save 25% on your heating bills.

Couple this with an energy efficient heating system then you are onto a winner. Our electric radiators such as the best-selling Curvo+ radiator have many energy saving features. Each radiator has its own thermostat so you can control the temperature in every room. Different rooms can be different temperatures at different times. Say for example, you set the rooms to 18 degree Celsius between 6am and 8.30am. Most people think that that radiator would be on between these hours, but this is not the case as when the radiator reaches the target temperature of 18 degree it silently clicks off to save energy.  If the room temperature drops a fraction below 18, the radiator will ‘kick in’ with small amounts of power and heat just enough to keep the temperature at what is set. You don’t need to worry about switching on and off, the radiator does it automatically.

So in summary good insulation of your home decreases the amount of time the radiators silently “kick in”. This means that the radiator will draw less power and the more you save in energy bills every quarter which will add up to a significant amount annually.

The Curvo+ also has exclusive energy saving features such as a motion detector and open window sensors. These will lead to energy savings.

It is easy to see how the features of our electric radiators will help you save, which is why insulation and thermostatic electric radiators go hand in hand.

If you are thinking about upgrading your system or would like to know how the latest technology in electric home heating could benefit you why not contact our expert team. We are dedicated to supplying the most efficient electric radiators which is why you won’t find our state of the art technology anywhere else.

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