Pioneering Energy Saving Features from Electric Radiator Solutions

10/03/2016 /
Electric Radiator Solutions Team

In the UK, more and more people are discovering that electricity really is the future of heating. New energy efficient electric radiators mean that electricity is an affordable option with low running costs, simple installation and excellent controllability.

Here at Electric Radiator Solutions we are proud to bring the latest energy saving technology and features in electric heating. Our Prisma range incorporates everything that an electric radiator should be. Our radiators have a cast aluminium body for fast dissipation of heat into the room. The large surface area of the radiator body heats up, giving a high percentage of comfortable radiated heat into the room. Full programming for 24 hours, 7 days a week. Each radiator can be programmed independently so you can have each room at a different temperature at times to suit when you are actually using that room meaning no wasted heat. A highly accurate thermostat maintains the desired room temperature and stops the radiator overheating or under heating the room. With electric radiators it is vital to get the correct size radiator for the room size. Our product pages have a handy guide in sq/m assuming a normal ceiling height of around 2.4m. Because the radiators are thermostatic as described above, it is never a mistake to over-specify and go for the next radiator size up.

Programming Your Radiator To Help Save On Energy Costs

All our radiators come with a large LCD easy to read digital display screen. At 45mm x 35mm it is larger than others on the market. You can alternate between different temperatures on an hourly basis if you wish, and each radiator and room can be programmed differently to heat at different times. This avoids wasting energy. No heating rooms you are not currently using. All our radiators come with 3 x handy pre-installed programmes to use or simply set your own. When you set your own programme, it is important to look at your own habits and set the timings accordingly for each room. This will to maximise the energy savings and reduce your energy costs.


Our electric radiators are fitted with highly accurate room thermostats that will stop the radiator heating when the desired room temperature is reached. The radiator will also sense when the room is dropping below the desired set temperature and heat accordingly to keep your room temperature.

Smart Energy Saving Features

What sets our radiators apart from the competition? Our Prisma+ and Curvo+ have all the features above as well as the following:

  • An Intelligent Motion Sensor detects presence in the room and will reduce the temperature over a configurable time of absence.
  • The Window Open Detection allows energy savings to be made by switching the radiator off if you open windows to refresh the ambient air.
  • Our Responsible Consumption Assistant uses a traffic light system for the screen to warn of high temperature selection (high consumption).
  • The Prisma+ and Curvo+ are fitted with an Energy Counter so the user can view and monitor the cumulative power consumption in K/wh, giving a better understanding of energy usage.


Smart Heating

iVista Mobile Technology – our innovative iVista mobile technology allows you to control your home heating using your smartphone or tablet. Simply download our easy to use app and control your heating from anywhere (Only available on iVista models).

Beware other suppliers describing their products as ‘Smart’.

Electric Radiator Solutions are the market leaders in Electric Radiator technology. Bringing the latest features to the UK market. Please contact us for further information on (01845) 595945 or email