Modern Electric Heating

06/06/2019 /
Electric Radiator Solutions Team

Unlike gas, electricity is available in almost every home in the UK. Whilst mains gas central heating has been the number one option for heating in the UK for 40 years, the government is looking to ban gas heating in new homes in 6 years as part of its commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050. Modern electric heating systems are being looked at for the answer.

Electric Heating

Electric heating has come a long way from the old convector heaters and storage heaters of the 1970s. Poor heat distribution, lack of control and expensive to run, this old technology has been replaced with modern electric heating in the form of electric radiators.

Replacing Storage Heaters

Replacing storage heaters with modern electric heating is a simple process.

  • Firstly, phone your current electricity supplier and tell them to change from Economy 7 to a standard tariff, they should do this for free. With some modern installations, your supplier may be able to change this remotely. In older installations they will have to come out to change the wiring or meter. This should be free also.
  • Once this is done, shop around to find the cheapest supplier. There are many comparison sites available, or you can call us for advice.
  • Remove your storage heaters, any electrician can help

Our modern electric heating electric radiators can simply plug into a normal socket or you can wire them in to a fused spur.

Modern Electric Radiators

Modern electric heating in the form off electric radiators have many benefits including:

  • Cast aluminium body – for rapid heat distribution of quality radiated heat
  • Large surface areas – providing a uniform heat for the room
  • Accurate thermostats – no overheating/no underheating/no wasted heat
  • Full programming – Set each radiator at different temperature at different times of the day
  • Smart technology – WIFI control, motion sensors, open window detection

Modern Electric Heating

Our electric radiators such as the bestselling Curvo+ are modern electric heating offering with the above features and more. They give continuous heat at low temperatures. With ultimate efficiency & control they provide quality heating at a low running cost.

Here at electric radiator solutions we are the market leader in modern electric heating. Talk to us today (01845) 595945.