How To Prepare Your Home For Christmas

24/11/2017 /
Electric Radiator Solutions Team

5 Top Tips to prepare for Christmas this year!

The Christmas season is fast approaching and it’s nearly time for all the exciting family festivities to begin. Along with all the fun, food and present opening comes the daunting task of preparing your home! Organising yourself in plenty of time is key, not only to reduce any stress but also to make for an even more enjoyable and unforgettable Christmas time! We’ve identified some key tips to help you plan for the big day and avoid any mishaps along the way

1. Complete your DIY!

Ensuring your DIY is complete before Christmas is a vital step to having the best time possible over the holidays! So book the builders in ASAP in order to ensure that when Christmas comes you can sit back and relax with the family! We all know that food is the focal point for satisfying everyone’s festive needs so if you have multiple DIY projects going on we recommend you focus primarily on the kitchen and entertaining areas - it wouldn’t be Christmas without the food, right?

2. Check your heating systems!

The last thing anybody would want at Christmas is a cold home! So the first step to having a Christmas full of cheer is to check your heating systems. If you are in need of a complete overhaul then our electric radiators are not only energy efficient but also extremely quick and easy to install! Similarly if you are having your Christmas meal in an area of the house that doesn’t currently have a source of heating such as a conservatory you can simply install one of our smart electric radiators meaning you can simply operate it on the go from your phone whilst still keeping a close eye on your turkey!

3. Dig out the decorations!

We all know that sometimes decorating the house for Christmas can sometimes seem more of a chore than a bit of fun, especially when we leave it right until the last minute, so start digging out those decorations! Once you’ve hunted them down, you can begin to decorate slowly yet surely; making the house feel cosy and inviting for all your guests. Starting with the outside of the house means you get the cold part out the way so that you get cosy again whilst tackling the décor inside. And our top tip… it’s always a great idea to get the kids involved - they have fun decorating the tree whilst you enjoy a festive tipple!

4. Prepare the spare room!

It’s getting nearer to the time where the dusty spare room needs to be cleared out in preparation for the family and friends that are returning home for all the festivities this year.

Giving it a fresh lick of paint and investing in some new bedding can really give your spare room a new lease of life with minimal effort! If the heating hasn't been used for a long time in here then now is the time to ensure everything is working as it should so that your guests are comfortable during their stay - replacing any old storage heaters for a new energy efficient electric radiator means your guests have complete control over their rooms heating offering them optimal temperatures at all times of the day.

5. Get Cosy!

Finally… it’s time to sit back and relax. Now you have got everything in order; the kitchen ready for the food, the spare rooms cleared for your guests and most importantly a warm and cosily decorated house you can now sit back, relax and enjoy what Christmas really is all about.

If you would like any more information on how to keep your home warm over the Christmas period with an electric radiator from Electric Radiator Solutions or would like to find out more about the functions our radiators offer which make them superior to other heating systems, contact our friendly team - we’re always happy to help.