How To Automate Your Home

27/10/2017 /
Electric Radiator Solutions Team

For many people, when the phrase ‘automated home’ is mentioned, images of futuristic settings and telekinetic powers may come to mind - think ‘Matilda’ pointing at the lights and blinds to magically make them change! However, particularly in the last five years, homes have become more gadget friendly than ever before which means a life involving much less hassle. With a simple push of a button, voice command or tap of a device, it is easy to have your home planned out to fit right in with your busy schedule.

Whilst some activities such as simple light settings and controlling heating are easy to implement and fairly inexpensive, other, more technical activities may take a little more investment of time and money. The main idea is about making smart choices which will impact your day to day living and lead you to a simpler, more financially savvy life. Here are just a few ways your home can be modified remotely:

Smart Lights

With the evolution of smart lighting you are able to schedule your main lighting or lamps to turn on or off without the need to walk through to every room. The bulbs also allow you to control colour, brightness and some can even be triggered by certain conditions - for example, if an electronic cat flap were to open, the light in that room can be set to turn on.

Smart Heating

Controlling your central heating remotely can be of huge benefit – not only by ease and comfort, but by saving energy and money on heating bills through functions such as controlling each electric radiator independently from one another and the addition of technology such as motion sensors.

Automatic blinds

These are useful for preserving heat or keeping the house cool. You can also change timings according to daytime and nighttime, the weather forecast for that day or even set them to close when you’re out the house.

Smart coffee makers and kettles

Monday mornings are so much easier when a mug of steaming coffee is just seconds away. Set your coffee maker to have some fresh coffee ready as soon as you awake. Likewise if it’s a good strong cup of tea that helps you start the the day then why not program your kettle to be boiled in time for breakfast! So, how exactly can I make my home automated?

Well, basically, if you use something simple on a regular basis, such as the activities listed above then chances are you can probably automate it. Here are a few ways that you can approach automating your home.

  • Often, you can use simple timers to turn on everyday devices. If there is no timer built in to, say, your coffee maker, you can wire it up to a basic timer and it will have your coffee ready for a set time of the day. This does however limit you on those impromptu coffee breaks in which smart appliances can be at your every wish via a trusty app.
  • Similarly, you can use remote control outlet units where you can press a single button to turn anything on or off which is connected to that power outlet.
  • In terms of electric radiators, smart thermostats are a dream in simplifying your home heating. Here at Electric Radiator Solutions, we offer only the best in electric home heating automation - our innovative iVista mobile technology allows you to control your home heating using your smartphone or tablet. Simply download our easy to use app and control your heating from anywhere after installing our amazingly efficient electric radiators.
  • Similar to our smart electric radiators, some devices act as self-contained wireless automation units that plug straight into your power outlet. They connect through your WiFi and can be controlled through iOS or Android. These are useful but can be limited in terms of functionality when compared to genuine smart appliances.
  • Furthermore, products such as Notion Sensors and August Lock look at automating safety in the home. These gadgets include sensors which have features such as accelerometers, ambient light sensors, gyroscopes, temperature sensors, and water leak probes amongst others. They are great for peace of mind whilst you may be away from our home as they can alert you to aspects such as doors and windows, lights being left on, leaks, and smoke detector alerts.

So, if your brain is now bursting with exciting new ideas on how to automate your home and make your life so much easier, a great first step is to cover the long term fundamentals of your home. Head over to the Electric Radiator Solutions online store to find out more on our simple, cost-effective and stylish approaches to smart home heating systems.