How Long Does A Boiler Last?

02/03/2018 /
Electric Radiator Solutions Team

Boiler problems this time of year are a nightmare. Call out charges, availability of spare parts and unreliable plumbers not turning up on time. Is it time to replace? How long does a boiler last?


New boilers are much more efficient than older ones. Modern electronics, more accurate sensors and parts. Modern boilers come with an A – G energy efficiency rating. Older G rated boilers have an efficiency rating of 70%, whereas a modern A rated one is more than 90% efficient. Upgrading to a new boiler could save you hundreds of pounds.


Similar to cars or washing machines, different manufactures will generally prove more reliable than others. However, one that might not have been reliable 30 years ago, such as a Skoda car, may be more reliable now, and vice-versa of course. Some come with a 10-year guarantee offering peace of mind. Which? Best buy products are generally worth considering.

Lifetime Costs

  • Servicing – Annual servicing of your boiler will improve its lifespan. This can cost around £100
  • Spare Parts – Availability and cost varies. After 10 years you may find some manufactures don’t make spare parts anymore
  • Repairs – Can run into hundreds of pounds. When’s the time to cut your losses?
  • Replacement – New Boiler can cost £1500 - £3000

How Long Does a Boiler Last?

Like most things nowadays, things aren’t built to last. Your old boiler might have last you 20 or 30 years, but don’t expect modern ones to do so. Answers online suggest 15 years, but there are many forums where people have lots of problems before 10 years. With annual servicing costing £100 a go and repairs running into £100’s, maybe it’s time to look at alternatives.

Electric Radiators

With the future of energy production turning to electric, modern Energy Efficient Electric Radiators offer the same effect as a central heating system. Quality electric radiators such as the Curvo+ give the same quality of heat as a central heating system. With each radiator individually programmable and thermostatic, they offer better controllability with a similar running cost. Contact Electric Radiator Solutions today for a quote.