How Your House Is Losing Heat Infographic

26/08/2016 /
Electric Radiator Solutions Team

This infographic demonstrates the top 4 sources of heat loss in a home and explores ways to prevent them, helping to keep you nice and toasty whilst saving you energy and money. How Your House Is Losing Heat Infographic

Heat Loss Through Roof/Attic

Around 25% of heat is lost via the roof and attic area making your heating systems much less effective.

There are a variety of insulation options for your roof and attic area, the easiest being blanket insulation. This type of insulation is easy to install as a DIY project in which you lay insulation between the joists. Simply adding a layer of insulation to your loft can save you up to £250 per year which is a good return on a fairly easy task.

Heat Loss Through Windows & Doors

Poor window and door systems mean air leakage which allows warm air to escape.

The easiest way to stop air leakage from your windows and doors is to use caulk around the frames to seal the leaks. If it’s time for your windows to be replaced opting for energy efficient glazing can be costly but will also save you money on your energy bills. Money saved each year will depend on factors such as size of house and amount of windows so doing your research is important.

Heat Loss Through Walls

A massive 35% can be lost in heat via your external walls if they are not adequately insulated

Houses built after 1930 are generally built with cavity walls meaning they can be easily filled with insulation materials saving you around £200 per year. Those houses built pre 1930 with solid walls can also be insulated although this can be slightly trickier and more expensive. Solid wall insulation however can save you upto £500 per year so it's definitely well worth looking into.

Heat Loss Through Poor heating system

Having an inefficient heating system can soon make your energy bills rocket.

During those winter months your heating system is often switched on both day and night so it’s important to ensure it is energy efficient. Our electric radiators are fitted with technologies such as motion sensors which switch the radiators off when nobody is in the room allowing you to save up to 12% on energy bills. Ensuring you chose a system that is 100% efficient means every unit of energy you pay for becomes heat which is perfect for preventing those sky high heating bills.