Home Improvements This Autumn

21/10/2016 /
Electric Radiator Solutions Team

In the Garden

1)      Tidy Up the Leaves. Whether you move them on with your leaf blower or collect them for compost it is important to remove them from your grass as they can suffocate and damage your lawn.

2)      Plant bulbs. Such as daffodils and tulips for next year while the soil is still warm

3)      Check your shed for leaks and make sure its waterproofed for winter

4)      Clean or replace your bird feeders. Old feeders can harbour bacteria and spread disease. For tips on cleaning bird feeders and other gardening advise see the Gardners World website.

Other Outside Jobs

1)      Gutters and drains. Check these are not blocked with fallen leaves or other debris

2)      Decking. Cleaning and re-staining your decking will add to its lifespan. Replacing or repairing decking can be a big job.

3)      Check Roof Tiles. Damaged roof tiles can result in water entering your property causing a lot of damage

4)      Exterior Taps. Turn off the stop valve to the outside tap and open the tap to drain the water out of the feed pipe to avoid freezing. If you have outside pipes make sure these are lagged.

Inside the Home

1)      Draught excluders. Fit a brush type letterbox and brush draught excluders on the bottom of your doors. Self-adhesive strips can be fitted around your doors and windows. Both are easy DIY jobs. Fabric draught excluders for certain rooms will also help keep the heat in and can be fashionable and funky.

2)      Loft insulation. Heat rises, so insulating your loft is a great idea to keep heat in this winter. See our previous blog on loft insulation here.


3)      Insulate pipes. If you have any exposed water pipes insulating them will stop the water cooling down as it runs around the house. Check the loft for exposed pipes also.

Take Control of Your Heating

Energy Efficient Electric Radiators can be used for one room or the whole house. Flexible and easy to fit, our range of radiators are all individually thermostatic and programmable. With this high level of control, you can set exactly when your heating comes on in the rooms you need it. You can save money by not heating rooms you are not using. Turning down 1 degree can save up to 10% of your heating bills!

Our iVista range of electric radiators come with smart controls which allow you to control your heating remotely on your smartphone or tablet. You can manage the temperature of all your rooms and view your consumption from anywhere.

Our electric radiators do not require a professional installation and can be fitted by anyone with basic DIY skills in under 10 minutes.

Improve your home while the weather is still ok with Electric Radiator Solutions.