Home Design Trends For 2019

09/01/2019 /
Electric Radiator Solutions Team

Whether you're looking to renovate a new house or are wanting to give your existing home a new lease of life, incorporating your own taste whilst being on trend is always of the utmost importance. In this blog, Electric Radiator Solutions will introduce you to some of the most popular design trends for 2019 so you can start the new year with a cosy and contemporary home!

Neutrals – Raw Beauty

In past years we have seen the use of bright colours to create vibrant and eye-catching interiors, however in 2019 it is out with the bright and in with neutrals. This trend sees homes embracing natural and raw beauty with the introduction of natural woods and textural weaves making what seems imperfect, simply perfect. Key colours for this design are: pale grey, oatmeal neutrals and oxidised reds or pinks.

Nordic Design - Effortlessly stylish

This design aims to give depth to create an inviting space in order to escape from the dark winter season and has influences from designs in Scandinavia. The Nordic design tends to adopt a gentle colour palette such as lavender, sage, blush pinks and canvas white which aims to provide any room with a soft finish.

It is also important to use different textures to ensure depth, for example by using buff leather, earthenware or ash or bleached wood. The interesting aspect of this design is that it brings in a variety of materials and colours that we wouldn’t usually associate with winter – we love it!

Smart Home – Staying connected

Technology now has a huge involvement in creating modern interiors for our homes and is also known as the ‘connected home’. Coupling new technology with clean lines and minimalistic design gives your home that truly modern feel. To capture this style in your home, focus on minimalistic colours such as white, black and grey whilst also ensuring clutter us kept to a minimum.

Smart features which use automation allows for a practical way to control electronic devices throughout the house, this can include the control of aspects such as; lighting, security and heating systems. Looking at heating systems, you could now choose to install smart electric radiators, which are easy to control by an application installed onto a mobile device yet a stunning addition to your interiors. Electric radiators not only offer superior heating but also fit perfectly with minimalistic designs.

Industrial design trends- Functional with an edge

This design is an extension to the Nordic approach with Scandinavian touches but also introduces more industrial materials and trends to the home space. One exciting new go-to is the use of concrete which creates the strong industrial feel but also allows for a blank canvas which can be smoothed, polished or honed to create a new modern edge.

Another way to incorporate industrial trends into your home is the use of metals, for example you can find some great metal light fittings which make for a contemporary and strong finish.

If you’re redecorating your home using the latest design trends and would like to find out more about incorporating our electric radiators into your renovations, don't hesitate to get in touch with our team at Electric Radiator Solutions today.