Heating Your Hall, Stairs and Landing

13/03/2017 /
Electric Radiator Solutions Team

Heating your hall, stairs and landing is tricky. It’s not straightforward to work out the size with different areas and sometimes vaulted ceilings.

Your actual hallway may only be 4 or 5 meters long by 1 meter wide, but you must take into account the stairs which will be a similar dimension. So instead of just going for the smallest radiator in the hall, you will require at least double this power, especially if you have a vaulted ceiling. So perhaps think about a 1000w radiator instead of a 500w.

Our radiators are programmable and thermostatic, and will heat an area or room to whatever temperature you desire. It is important to think, there is no point heating one room or area to 18 degrees, and then having all the doors open with no heating in other rooms. Don’t expect your hall heater to heat your bedrooms as well!

In a house it is always a good idea to have a radiator on the landing as well. If your landing is too small to get a radiator there, slightly over-specify the bedrooms to heat this extra space as well.

As discussed in our previous blog about heating bedrooms, remember that our radiators are thermostatic. You set the temperature. They are not a storage heater which will just chug out heat all night, slow cooking you in the process!

As with any room or area, you need to take into account the size of the area you are trying to heat. So, don’t miss out any of the dimensions involved.

All our radiators are made of CAST ALUMINIUM, the whole body heats up which gives a high percentage of radiated heat.

Some lesser products give a high percentage of convected heat, which goes straight up.

Hallways are busy narrow spaces and get a lot of use. Our slimline electric radiators are perfect as they don’t take up much wall space and depth. The Curvo+ is the slimmest electric radiator on the market, you’ll hardly know it there but it will give you a nice comfortable warmth when you enter your house.

All our radiators feature 24/7 programming, accurate thermostats and latest state of the art technology, giving you comfortable and controllable heat, without costing the earth to run.

As the UK moves away from traditional fossil fuels to more secure low carbon heating, electric is increasingly becoming an environmentally friendly option. Electricity can be produced from renewable sources such as solar or wind, making energy efficient electric radiators an eco-friendly heating solution.

At Electric Radiator Solutions we are dedicated to producing the most energy efficient electric radiators for customers throughout the UK. Having the best heating system installed in your home means you will not only benefit from the latest in heating technology but also lower your energy bills. We are happy to offer help and advice in order to assist our customers in finding the best energy suppliers for their needs, contact our friendly team today.