Heat your Bedroom with Modern Energy Efficient Radiators

29/04/2016 /
Electric Radiator Solutions Team

Nobody likes heat in their bedroom. Well that's not strictly true. The thought and feeling of peeling back the covers from your warm bed to a freezing room is something nobody looks forward to. On the other hand you don’t want to be too hot so you can’t sleep. If you have experienced ghastly storage heaters then you may feel that it would be better switching them off after being slow-cooked through the night. Even with the output turn down to the minimum, they still emit heat when you don’t need it. Storage heaters discharge heat all through the day when you are not using the bedroom. You may even like to open the window in the morning to let some fresh air circulate. All the while your storage heater chugs out the heat. The final insult is on an evening when you’d like a cosy bedroom to relax and read a book or watch TV, only to find the bedroom cold as your old fashioned storage heater has lost all its heat.

Many homes off the gas grid have inadequate convection heaters in the bedrooms. These and other panel heaters have a poor distribution of heat. Some newer models have timers and thermostats but offer no comfort as the convected heat rises leaving cold feet.

For the most comfortable and most cost effective way to heat your bedroom, look no further than a Slimline electric radiator from Electric Radiator Solutions. They are 100% safe to leave on all the time. You can exactly programme them to come on and off at whatever temperature you like and the thermostat accurately controls your comfort. Leave them on a low temperature in the night and program them to ‘come on’ just before you get up. Then program them to the lower setting during the day and maybe up for an hour or two before you go to bed. Your bedroom will be exactly how you want it!

Our ‘Ultra Slimline’ Curvo+ and Prisma+ models have open window detection sensors which automatically switch the radiator off rather than constantly heating and wasting your money.

Electric Radiator Solutions ranges of electric radiators are perfectly designed with the latest features and technology around. Contact us today on (01845) 595945 for free advice on improving your home comfort and reducing your heating bills.