The Flexibility of Wall Mounted Electric Radiators

10/06/2016 /
Electric Radiator Solutions Team

At Electric Radiator Solutions, wall mounted electric radiators are our speciality. Ideal for one room or the whole house, many people are turning to electric radiators due to their flexibility and energy efficiency.

Electric Radiators can be fitted anywhere as they just plug into a normal 13amp socket. Anyone with basic DIY skills can fit them using a drill and a screwdriver. Electric Radiator Solutions supply the most technologically advanced and most energy efficient electric radiators on the market today.

Below we will answer some common queries regarding fitting our wall mounted electric radiators:

Can I fit your electric radiators onto a plasterboard wall?

Yes of course. All our radiators are made from cast aluminium which is solid yet lightweight. Cast aluminium gives a high percentage of desirable radiated heat, resulting in greater levels of comfort. Lesser lightweight extruded aluminium models by some competitors get very hot giving out higher levels of less comfortable convected heat.

All our radiators use the latest ‘dry technology’ twin elements. Fitting our radiators is a ‘one man’ job as they are not as heavy like ceramic core or fluid filled radiators. All our radiators come with a wall bracket. When fitting onto a stud/plasterboard wall it is better to use redi-driva screws or similar and they will hang on the wall absolutely fine.

Can your radiators be used in a small room or narrow hallway?

Absolutely. Our best-selling Curvo+ range has an ‘Ultra-Slimline’ design and is only 35mm thick top and bottom and only 75mm in the middle. This means they don’t stick out too far like other traditional heaters. Our Prisma range of radiators are only 70mm thick and offer less width for more power with its compact design.

What about rooms with high ceilings?

With any heating system, you need the correct power for the size of room/area that you are heating. Each radiator has a room size guide in sq/m. This is suitable for rooms with a normal ceiling height of around 2.4 meters (8 feet). If you have high ceilings, you will require more power. Please contact us for an accurate quote. You can also fill out our instant quote form. If you have high ceilings, please add this information in the additional comments box.

Do I need a professional installation?

No. Our radiators can be fitted by anyone. Simply drill 4 x holes, screw the bracket on the wall, hang the radiator on the bracket and plug into a normal socket. This in a typical installation can take around 10 minutes. If you prefer to install freestanding, a set of feet can be purchased separately.

For replacing storage heaters or hard wiring into the wall any qualified electrician can help.

Once fitted you can enjoy the benefits of an energy efficient heating solution saving you money.

What about programming for control?

All our radiators have fully programmable controls allowing total control to set a 24/7 day heating schedule to suit your lifestyle. If needed you can purchase an optional remote control to allow programming while comfortable seated.

For total control you can buy our brand new iVISTA range of radiators which allows you to control your heating for anywhere. Simply connect your iVISTA Minibox to your router. Download the iVISTA App on your Smartphone or Tablet and enjoy the freedom of Smart Electric Heating allowing you to control and minimise energy waste and keep heating bills as low as possible.  The user-friendly heating app gives you complete control over all your radiators. You can control and adjust the temperature at home or office if you are not going to be there.

If you are thinking about upgrading your system or would like to know how the latest technology in electric home heating could benefit you why not contact our expert team. We are dedicated to supplying the most efficient electric radiators which is why you won’t find our state of the art technology anywhere else.

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