Energy Saving Tips For 2016 – Switching To The Correct Electricity Supplier & Tariff

25/01/2016 /
Electric Radiator Solutions Team

Winter is here. Temperatures are coming down, the price of oil is coming down, petrol & diesel prices have fallen. So why haven’t your home energy prices come down?

Ok, as of writing this, EON, one of the ‘big six’ energy suppliers has cut the price of gas, by 5.1%.

Here at Electric Radiator Solutions, we always help our customers find the best tariff. But What is the best tariff? This article will run you through the basics of finding the cheapest supplier for your money - why pay more than what you have to?

Find Out The Price Per Unit

Whenever I ask our customers what price they are paying for their electric, I always get the answer ‘oh, about £xxx per month'. I tell them no, I mean the PRICE PER UNIT. How do you find this? First of all you have to understand your electricity bill. No mean feat given the fact these companies, dare I say it, try to confuse their customers!

Choose The Right Tarrif

Firstly, when using Energy Efficient Electric Radiators, we advise always use a standard tariff. Do not go for Economy 7 or Economy 10, whilst these may be cheaper during the night time they are often much more expensive in the day - the time when we use our gas and electricity most!

Shop Around For The Best Deal

You must shop around for your electric and do this every year. You can get on a deal for 12 months and then when that finishes, switch again. Similar to what you do with car and home insurance. Only about 10% of people have changed Energy Company in the past year and are missing out on savings to be made.

Ok so you think it’s going to be a long and difficult process, but there is an average of £297* to be saved according to Which independent switching service. Switching is simple and straight forward taking no more than 15 minutes.

Current prices if you shop around? Well almost everybody should be aiming to pay around 10p per unit (+standing charge, as we went to print.) The amount you’ll actually pay each year might be more or less than this, depending on how much you use and where you live.

Don't Be Afraid Of Choosing A Less Known Supplier

One tip is don’t be afraid to choose a supplier who is not from the Big Six. There are lots more smaller companies around these days who are quite often a lot cheaper. Going with a smaller company means you still get the same electricity, just a different company sending you the bill! Companies such as Ovo and First Utility have been around a few years now. Extra Energy and iSupply Energy are just a few of the newer smaller guys usually cheaper than the big boys. Estimates by Which have shown that 87% of households are still with the Big Six.  Additionally, remember to always choose paperless billing and direct debit payment to get the cheapest tariffs.

Choose Energy Efficient Electric Radiators

Running an Energy Efficient Electric Radiator system can result in a similar running cost to gas central heating.  Shop around for your electric supplier and make sure you get the correct size radiator for the room size or area you would like to heat. Our product pages give a handy room size guide and we can also offer you help and advice to get you started.

Electric radiators give the same quality of radiated heat from the cast aluminium body as a central heating system. A precise thermostat helps keep a stable temperature - no overheating or under heating. The thermostat switches the radiator off when the desired temperature is reached meaning no wasted heat. 

All our radiators come with full 24/7 programming, allowing different temperatures at different times in different rooms to suit your lifestyle also meaning no wasted heat. Our Curvo+ and Prisma+ ranges also have motion sensors and built in energy monitors to help give you have a visual reminder of how much energy you are using. This built in feature saves you buying an additional energy monitor worth about £25.

At Electric Radiator Solutions we actively help our customers the find The Best Energy Efficient Electric Radiators and guide them on how to get the cheapest tariff. Talk to us today on (01845) 595945

* Average estimated saving for customers who applied to switch suppliers between 1 May and 31 August 2015.