How Energy Monitors Can Save Money on Your Heating

09/01/2017 /
Electric Radiator Solutions Team

How much your electric appliances cost is run can be difficult to work out. Obviously, it depends on how often they are on and the power of the appliance.

Every electric appliance has an energy rating in watts or kilowatts. One kilowatt is 1000 watts. Electricity is charged in kilowatt hours (kWh), which is the equivalent of usage of 1000 watts (or 1kW) consumption in one hour.

So, an appliance which is 1000w (1kW) is on for 1 hour, it will use 1 kilowatt hour (1kWh).

Your electricity is charged in kilowatt hours (kWh). So, depending on how much you pay per kWh will depend on how much it costs to run.

The amount you pay for your electricity varies a lot. Everybody in every area can shop around for electricity, and will have a large choice of electric providers. You could save £100’s a year.

Different appliances have different power ratings in watts/kilowatts. Lights have a very low power rating and don’t use a lot of power. New LED bulbs are much lower wattage and a new 20w LED bulb will give you the same amount of light as an old style 100w one. We do have a lot of lights around the home, which can all add up in usage. As discussed in a previous blog, switching to modern LED bulbs can save you money.

The difficulty with working out usage is that some things aren’t on all of the time. Fridge-freezers are generally low wattage (200-400w) but are on all the time, so working out the usage could be done easily with the help of a plug in energy monitor, or by switching everything else off and counting the units on the meter. Your kettle is more like 3kW (3000 watts), but is only on a few times a day for only minutes at a time. Only boiling enough water for what you need instead of filling it up every time will use less electric.

Electric showers might have a rating of 8.5kW or 8500 watts, so will use a lot of power the longer you are in there!

It would be useful for every appliance to tell us how much it is using, to help us save money.

Electric Radiators

If you use electric for your heating, Electric Radiators are the most efficient form of heating. They have precision thermostats and programmers to enable heating only when you need it and only in the rooms you are using.

Our Curvo+ and Prisma+ ranges also have an energy counter which measures the cumulative consumption in kWh. This encourages users to monitor their energy usage and make reductions in temperature, thus making energy savings.

As the UK moves away from traditional fossil fuels to more secure low carbon heating, electric is increasingly becoming an environmentally friendly option. Electricity can be produced from renewable sources such as solar or wind, making energy efficient electric radiators an eco-friendly heating solution.

At Electric Radiator Solutions we are dedicated to producing the most energy efficient electric radiators for customers throughout the UK. Having the best heating system installed in your home means you will not only benefit from the latest in heating technology but also lower your energy bills. We are happy to offer help and advice in order to assist our customers in finding the best energy suppliers for their needs, contact our friendly team today.