Electric Radiators Vs Panel Heaters

09/02/2018 /
Electric Radiator Solutions Team

What are the differences when comparing Electric Radiators Vs Panel Heaters. We explain and compare the differences below.

The Science Bit: Heat Transfer

Heat transfer occurs in 3 x ways:

Conduction – Heat passing from one surface to another. Example: an electric blanket

Convection – The transport of heat through the air. Hot air rises. Example: A hot air balloon.

Radiation – Heat waves emitted from a body. No contact or matter is required for this type of heat transfer. Examples are heat from the sun or from a fire.

Our cast aluminium electric radiators such as the Curvo+, are very much a radiator. They emit a high percentage of radiated heat to create an even room temperature unlike Panel convector heaters where the hot air rises leading to less comfort and higher running costs.

What is a Panel Heater?

Panel heaters are also known as convector heaters because they mainly heat by convection. These types of heaters emit hot air (convected heat) through an upper envelope or grill at the top of the body. The hot air rises and distributes heat in the room.

The main disadvantage of convector type heaters is they create large temperature difference between the top and bottom of the room, resulting in less comfort and higher running costs. There can be as much as 6-degree difference so to achieve a comfortable 20 degrees at seated level the thermostat has to be set higher (26 degrees) due to hot air rising.

Electric Radiators

The best electric radiators have a cast aluminium body which results in good emissivity. Cast aluminium has excellent thermal conductivity. They give off a very comfortable heat at lower temperatures. Different technologies can be used to create an even surface temperature. Our Curvo+ uses dry thermal technology  inside. All our radiators are cast aluminium and come with full digital time and temperature control and accurate thermostats.

Electric Radiators Vs Panel Heaters

Panel-Heater Panel-Heater

Panel heaters use cheaper and less durable materials and are generally cheaper to buy than electric radiators. Panel heaters produce a less comfortable convection heat which heats the air not objects. Our Electric radiators have a cast aluminium body which creates comfortable quality radiated heat which will result in lower running costs.

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