Why electric radiators are a good choice for landlords

27/03/2017 /
Electric Radiator Solutions Team

From renting out your property as a long term family home to being a landlord of student digs and everything in between, it is important to move forward with the times in order to suit your tenants and also protect your future on the rental market. Heating a house is a huge consideration for any landlord and the options can become overwhelming, but the new option of modern electric heating can provide you and your tenants with the best of both worlds. Low-cost, low-maintenance running, improved safety, simple installation, low bills and SMART heating are all features of electric radiators which can have a positive impact on your time as a landlord.


Fitting a brand new gas central heating system in a property can be extremely expensive and cut deeply into your earnings and profits. Getting a tradesperson in to do the

work can take time in itself and hit you with a hefty bill, but with electric radiators these issues can be eradicated. Installation can be done completely DIY; all you need to do is screw them in and plug them into a nearby socket. Success! In no time at all your tenants can be in their cosy home without having to wait in for the gas installers to turn up. Electric radiators can be hardwired in if preferred, but it is not at all necessary and operating through plug-ins does not affect efficiency.

Running and Maintenance:

The expensive maintenance that comes with gas central heating is a thing of the past with electric radiators. Therefore you can save money that may ordinarily be spent on annual servicing, gas safety certificates and inspections, and put this into other areas of the property that need specific attention. There is also no need for regular jobs such as bleeding the radiators which will come as a huge relief to students and younger tenants when living away from home for the first time! This is also a weight off your shoulders as a landlord as there is less likelihood of call outs via the estate agents due to upkeep issues such as those that arise with gas central heating and boilers.


Another area where your mind as a landlord can be at rest is the safety of electric heating. Electric radiators do not burn fuel and therefore produce no carbon monoxide, eliminating any worries of CO leaks from the central heating system. Conversely to the strict, regular checks of gas systems necessary when letting out several properties, electric radiators only need checking every so often by an electrician to keep on top of general safety, saving time, effort and money.

SMART heating and low bills:

Heating homes with gas has traditionally been held as the cheapest option. Old-fashioned electric storage heaters can be cost-effective if they are run through the night on an overnight electricity tariff that is cheaper at night times, but use of appliances in the day time can mean that bills soar. Nowadays electric heating throughout the property is ultimately the most cost-effective route, due to modern smart technology. Electric radiators can be controlled differently according to the usage of each room, rendering this heating option extremely energy efficient. This is ideal for shared properties such a student lets, where heating needs vary from room to room, instead of money being wasted on heating a whole house needlessly. Almost all of the electricity used is turned into heat, whereas heat through gas central heating can easily be lost and therefore wasted.

Depending on the range of electric radiator you opt to fit in your property, the smart technology can make life so much easier for both you and the tenants. On top of that, all of our radiators at Electric Radiator Solutions feature 24/7 digital programming, allowing for precise management of heat which helps to avoid overuse. Our electric radiators also come with a precise electronic thermostat which is accurate to 0.2 degrees Celsius meaning there is no wasted heat and no overheating or under heating of rooms. Tenants will find the clear, digital format easy to read and find this simple to use.

Our higher-spec radiators benefit from iVista Mobile Technology, which allows you and your tenants to control heating using a smartphone or tablet. This appeals to student lets where tenants will usually be more adapted to using apps on their devices than necessarily operating a central heating boiler unit. Some models also include patented Motion Sensors which can result in energy savings up to 12% by switching to eco mode. When no motion is detected for a sustained period of time, the heating auto-adjusts to save energy and money as the heating is no longer in use. Similarly, the Window Open Detection feature saves energy as it can detect a drop in temperature from a window opening. If your tenants open a window for fresh air and forget to turn off the radiator, the Window Open Detection mode will switch the radiator to shut down after detecting a temperature drop of between 1.5 to 2 o C in less than 14 minutes.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t get left behind in the rental market and update your heating system for a cheaper, safer, and more convenient way of living for both you and your tenants. For more information on saving money on your rental properties or for some friendly advice on your heating options contact our team at Electric Radiator Solutions today.