Electric Central Heating

16/08/2019 /
Electric Radiator Solutions Team

Electric Central Heating. Imagine a product, when compared to a traditional gas central heating system that provides:

  • Identical quality of heat
  • Running costs that can make it a realistic substitute
  • Superior controllability
  • No pipes, no fuss, no mess
  • No annual maintenance
  • Fitted in a matter of minutes

That product exists today in the form of our electric radiators. Fit them in every room/every area to give electric central heating without the need for a central boiler. Read on to find out more.

What Is Central Heating?

Central heating is a system of heating a building from one point to multiple areas. Using either water or air, heating it at a central point and circulating it via pipes and radiators in the case of water or vents in the case of air. Most central heating systems in the UK use mains gas. Where mains gas isn’t available Oil or LPG are used or electric storage heaters.

Electric Central Heating

In the UK, electric heating and electric central heating has taken the form of storage heaters. Storage heaters charge up overnight using a cheaper rate of electricity, then emit heat during the day. There are several problems with storage heating. Lack of control, poor quality of heat and expensive day rate electric being the main ones. Storage heaters were made abroad but nobody abroad uses them! Most households on electric heating in Europe for years used electric radiators.

Electric Central Heating Radiators

Electric central heating radiators now take the form of electric radiators such as the Curvo+. Electric radiators are energy efficient modern radiators, using modern materials and technology. They have accurate thermostats and full 24/7 programming. The best models are made from cast aluminium and give a very comfortable controllable heat. You can read more about how electric radiators work here.

So, overall modern electric radiators can provide the same quality of heat, superior control and with no annual maintenance and easy to fit can be a real alternative to a central heating system. For more information about electric central heating contact Electric Radiator Solutions today.