Why Electric Appliances And Radiators Are Winning Over Gas

27/11/2016 /
Electric Radiator Solutions Team

Is gas a thing of the past? Electric appliances (particularly electric radiators) are hot on the market, and in an age where we are so used to having technology at our fingertips, it’s easy to see why. From convenience, to cost efficiency, to conserving energy, electric appliances are clearly beginning to take over from gas.

Whether you’re a technophobe or a gadget geek, there’s no denying that everybody wants everyday essentials such as heating and water systems to be hassle-free. Remote technology in electric radiators, water heating systems and fires allows appliances to be turned on at the click of a button. No more crouching on the floor at the bottom of your gas fire trying to light it! What’s more, with remote technology it’s easy to adjust temperatures to suit the size of the room or house, and maintain control of it.

And the technology doesn’t end at remote control - even cooking appliances are paving the way in new technology. Electric hobs, specifically induction hobs, have been designed to provide optimum safety and reduce risks of burning. Rather than open gas hob rings, coils which generate a magnetic field heat only the material of a pan that is physically placed onto it. These electrical safety innovations are signs of exciting times ahead in home technology.

More than this, electrical appliances leave a smaller carbon footprint than gas appliances. Instead of burning fossil fuels, it is becoming ever popular to install solar panels to provide free energy for the home. These are particularly useful for electric heating systems and electric radiators as homeowners have seen their bills slashed without compromising on a warm, functional place to live.

Last but not least, electric appliances simply look good. They are generally very aesthetically suave in comparison to traditional gas appliances such as bulky gas fires, piped radiators and protruding gas hobs/cookers. For those wanting a modern, stylish home, electrical appliances and electric radiators are the way forward to make otherwise cumbersome and practical appliances a sleek feature of any room.

Electricity is clearly sparking up some big interest in the world of home appliances and heating, giving gas a serious run for its money. If you would like to find out how you can install modern electric heating in your home, take a look at our products here at Electric Radiator Solutions or talk to our team to find out more.