Efficient Way To A Heat Garden Office

21/05/2017 /
Electric Radiator Solutions Team

Working from home seems a perfect way to combine work life these days.  We have some top tips for Heating Garden Office with Energy Efficiency in mind.

Garden offices and studios have increased in popularity in the last couple of years. More and more people are working from home and choosing to be away from the noise and distraction of setting up an office in the house. Garden studios are also being used as gyms, kids play rooms and even bars. There are many things to consider when setting up your garden office room, including keeping it warm.

Planning Permission

In most cases, Garden offices made from wood will not need planning permission. The main things to consider are that it doesn’t take up more than 50% of the area of land around the original house, is no more than 2.5m high, it cannot be used as a bedroom and it can’t stand forward of a wall forming the principal elevation. There will be different rules if you live in a National park or other conservation areas. Always better to check with your local council. For advise check out the planning permission rules here.

What Size?

What size building you require will depend on your budget and what you are going to use it for. If it is for an office is it just for one person or will other people be required in the future? Size is obviously dictated by the size of your garden as well. Go for the biggest you can bearing in mind size constraints and budget.


A garden office needs to be kept dry and warm. Installing a damp proof course and extra insulation is a must to ensure the longevity of your cabin and keeping all your equipment safe. Insist on double glazing rather than single glazed or plastic windows.


Your garden office will house many expensive items. Computers, printers, phones etc. As well as double glazed windows above, a double-glazed door with 5 lever deadlocks is a good idea. Obviously, an alarm system wired back to the house, perhaps with keypad entry. Also blinds or curtains are a good idea keeping your expensive items out of sight. There are some excellent motion detection camera systems on the market, for example the Ring Stick Up Cam.


An electrician will be needed to connect. More expensive Garden Rooms and Offices come with comprehensive electrics consisting of a consumer unit, sockets and lights. Cheaper garden rooms will not but an electrician will be able to connect you up. The best idea is to run a ‘duct’ from the house which can house power cables, an ethernet cable for your broadband and a phone line. Make sure you get plenty of electric sockets installed.

Heating with Energy Efficient Electric Radiators

Extending your mains gas to your detached garden office is unfeasible due to the high cost. Besides, if you did this you would have to have the whole house heating system on, controlled by your house thermostat. Fitting a separate boiler and system will cost around £3000.

Your Garden Office will need to be a comfortable temperature when you want to use it, perhaps left on overnight to protect against frost. Be fully controllable and not cost the earth to run.

Energy efficient electric radiators from Electric Radiator Solutions offer safe, comfortable and controllable heat. They are easy to fit either on the wall or freestanding on feet and just plug into a normal socket. Thermostatic and programmable and safe to leave on all the time, they are an ideal solution. Our Curvo+ comes with a motion sensor that will only heat when you are there, and automatically turn it down when you leave. Our Prisma+ iVista can be controlled via smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world.

At Electric Radiator Solutions, we are dedicated to producing the most energy efficient electric radiators for customers throughout the UK. Having the best heating system installed in your home means you will not only benefit from the latest in heating technology but also lower your energy bills. We are happy to offer help and advice in order to assist our customers in finding the best energy suppliers for their needs, contact our friendly team today.