Efficient & Cost Effective Heating For Your Business

03/02/2016 /
Electric Radiator Solutions Team

Heating Solutions For Your Business

Are you a business owner trying to balance comfort for your staff and the cost of heating? Creating a warm and comfortable working environment not only improves your employees productivity but also creates a pleasant surrounding. No need to keep seeing your staff sat at their desks with their coats on, or constantly making hot drinks!

For a quick fix you could be tempted into buying cheap plug in heaters. These are cheap to buy but offer little comfort and are very expensive to run. They have cheap thermostats which allow temperature fluctuations resulting in overheating and then under heating reducing your comfort.

Fan heaters can be directed to where you need heat, but will never heat a room effectively and are very expensive to run. Convector heaters give off a very dry heat and as they are ‘convectors’ the heat goes straight up leaving a large temperature difference between the top and bottom of the office, leaving you with cold feet!

Oil filled free-standing heaters have the same effect and although they have thermostats, they are not very accurate.  All of the above have to be switched on and cannot be programmed, so you come in on a morning and it takes over an hour just to get the place warm!

Efficient and Economical Electric Radiators for your Business

Our Ultra Energy Efficient Electric Radiators are an ideal solution. Perfect for individual offices or larger open plan areas. Each radiator is fitted with a 24/7 programmer, you simply set the temperature you want the room to be at. The radiators can be controlled individually or all on the same program making it an easy, simple heating solution.

Instead of heating an entire building at high cost you can control where and when you to heat a room. They can be left on overnight and at weekends at a lower temperature, and can then be programmed to heat to a comfortable temperature for hours to suit you. Our range of electric radiators all come with 3 pre-set programmes built in, one of which is ideal for an office!

Our electric radiators can be installed in minutes. All radiators come with a wall bracket which just involves 4 screws and a bit of drilling, a 1.5m cable and standard 13 amp plug. Simply hang on the wall and plug in. They can of course be hardwired for a neat finish by a professional electrician. This takes very little time compared with installation of gas central heating, installed by a plumber charging high fees, and don’t mention the lifting of floorboards! Electric radiators are a very cost effective way of reducing start-up costs when getting a new office up and running with the extra bonus of extremely economical heating. 

Our Recommended Electric Radiators For Your Office Heating Needs

Electric Radiator Solutions' range of energy efficient electric radiators give comfortable, controllable heat and are cost effective to run making it an ideal solution for your business, large or small. We also have new innovative iVISTA radiators which can be controlled from anywhere in the world using your smart phone or iPad - ideal for if you are often popping in and out of the office and need to program your heating on the go!

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