How to Effectively Heat Your Extension or Garage Conversion

17/03/2016 /
Electric Radiator Solutions Team

Everybody needs more space. Whether your family is getting bigger, elderly relatives moving in or need an office to work from home, an extra room is welcome. But how to effectively heat your extension or garage conversion? Read on...

New extensions have to comply with the latest building regulations relating to insulation. Thermal insulation is required for the floor, walls and roof in line with building regulations. The better the insulation the lower the amount of heat needed and the higher the saving in energy costs.

Sometimes it can be problematic to extend the current central heating system. The original boiler will have been specified to heat the house size, so adding 1 or 2 extra radiators will cause extra demand and the boiler may not be able to cope. Upgrading your boiler will be a hefty cost which can be in the region of thousands of pounds. Your garage and extension will probably have a solid floor which will result in extra costs for fitting new pipes. You may also need a long run of pipes. The costs will keep adding up and practicality becomes an issue.

Electric Radiators are becoming a more and more popular choice for home and workplace heating. They are individually programmable and thermostatic. There’s no need to switch your central heating on just to heat one room. When working from home why heat the whole house when just your office needs heat?

A common misconception is that electric heating is expensive to run. Our new generation energy efficient electric radiators can achieve a similar running cost to mains gas and can be more competitive to heat than LPG or oil.

Electric radiators are much more controllable and cheaper to run than old fashioned storage heaters. You can set whatever temperature you like at any time of day. Integral thermostats ensure no heat is wasted and there is heat when you need it. Staying away from rip off tariffs such as economy 7 will also cut your electric bill.

Our electric radiators can be installed in minutes. Each radiator comes with a bracket for wall mounting. Simply drill four holes, screw the bracket on the wall, hang the radiator on the bracket and just plug into a normal socket.

Electric radiators will heat the room within minutes. They can work alongside other heating systems and require no maintenance. As well as being programmable and thermostatic, electric radiators such as the Curvo+ have extra energy saving features such as a motion sensors and window open detection.

We also have the latest smart technology control from anywhere radiators available in the iVista Prisma+.

Make sure when selecting electric heaters they have the latest dry thermal technology and are manufactured using cast aluminium which give a higher amount of comfortable radiant heat.

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