Easter Gardening Jobs

12/04/2017 /
Electric Radiator Solutions Team

Easter is the first long weekend of the year, and the start of the gardening season. The clocks have changed and British Summer Time is here! Well not exactly summer (although last weekend felt like it). This weekend, and the week ahead are going to cooler, but with longer days it’s time to tidy the garden and get planting.


If you haven’t already, it’s time to get the lawnmower out. The grass is starting to grow quite quickly now, although don’t cut it too short just yet. Also, it’s a good time to put some grass seed down on those bare patches. Fork the ground to get some air in and improve the drainage. Finally, feed with lawn fertiliser.


There’s no such thing as a weed, just a plant that’s in the wrong place. Anyway, if you have some plants in the wrong place, it’s time to remove them before they have chance to spread. Pull out the roots or use a hoe and some round up if necessary.


Apply a good covering of rich dark compost to borders and pots. As well as looking good, this will feed the plants and improve the overall soil.

Start Sowing/Planting Seeds

Most root vegetables can be sown outdoors now. Carrots, beetroot and parsnips to name but a few. Brassicas – Cabbage, sprouts, broccoli, kale etc.

April is a good time to plant a pot grown fruit tree such as an apple or pear tree. Be careful not to sow/plant anything that is particularly susceptible to frost.

Start to plant summer flowering bulbs such as Begonias. Check bulbs you have stored over winter and scrap any that are dead or rotten.

Clean the Furniture

Most garden furniture can be cleaned with just warm soapy water and a scrubbing brush. Teak wooden furniture has natural properties and doesn’t need any specialist cleaning. Although you will need something if there is mould present.

Get the BBQ out!

Whether you use traditional charcoal or are a gas BBQ convert, if the sun comes out its time to clean off the BBQ and get the sausages and burgers out.

Inside the House

As well as sorting out the outside, now is a perfect time to replace those inefficient storage heaters with new energy efficient electric radiators inside.

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