How To Create The Perfect Bathroom

27/10/2016 /
Electric Radiator Solutions Team

Even though a bathroom may not initially seem like a fundamental room in your home, we spend much of our time using it, from preparing ourselves for the day ahead to winding down at the end of one. Therefore it’s important to research basic tips to make the most of your bathroom, from creating the perfect design layout to generating extra space with the different storage options.

The layout

Sometimes the layout of a bathroom can face restrictions due to size and plumbing considerations. Pipe-work, sewage outlets and light switches can all have an impact on where showers, bathtubs, basins and lighting fixtures can be suitably placed, although components can be relocated if your budget allows it.

Once examining how and where bathroom features can be placed, it is important to contemplate their daily use when considering placement. You must think about the positioning of your doorway, as you don’t want the opening and closing of a door to interfere with the use of any bathroom component. Also, recognise how much space is needed around each feature to maximise efficiency when in use and for easier mobility.

When considering the layout of bathroom features, you can also manipulate how much space you use based on design. For example, if you are limited to how much space you have to play around with, shop for corner basins and back-to-wall toilets as well as searching for a space saving bath.

Storage solutions

Whilst the layout of bathroom amenities can determine how much space you are left with, storage can be an effective alternative for extra space. Different storage options are available to hide clutter from toiletries, cleaning products and towels. How many people use the bathroom can also impact how much storage space you may need in order for it to be functional.

A favourable and advantageous tip is to maximise wall space. This can be done by incorporating wall cabinets, ladder shelving, hooks and towel rails. Back-to-wall toilets, as previously mentioned, provide an excellent opportunity to incorporate wall shelving above. Don’t forget you can utilise bathroom features, such as wash basins, for extra storage space if you opt for one with a cupboard underneath.

If you want to go an extra step, bathroom cabinets can be inset into the wall for a more streamlined appearance and can include mirrored doors so you don’t have to find extra wall space for a separate mirror. If you don’t have to compromise on space, there are also a variety of freestanding cabinets, baskets, drawer and shelving units available to purchase from numerous retailers.

The Appearance

Albeit layout and storage options are key factors to examine when creating your own bathroom but the overall look and design allows you to personalise the area. No matter where you decide to place each feature, there is an array of materials and colours to choose from to match your individual style. Similarly, there are numerous flooring material options but be sure to consider one that is slip resistant; particularly important in a bathroom.

Your bathroom is a place to wind down after a long day, so the addition of soft furnishings can create a touch of luxury to the room. Because bathroom facilities are made from particularly harsh looking materials, including other fabrics into your design such as plants, shower curtains and bath mats help to break up the rigid, cold appearance giving it a more homely feel.

Although it can depend on the existing electrical wiring of your bathroom, adding additional lighting fixtures strategically located can not only create a great ambience but also give that extra feeling of space, it is advised to use incandescent bulbs for that warmer, relaxed glow.

Bathroom Heating

Perhaps one of the most important features of your bathroom is the temperature, especially in those cold winter months. Having adequate bathroom heating can be the difference between looking forward to unwinding in the bath after a hard day as opposed to getting in and out the bathroom as quick as possible to avoid those winter chills.

Towel rails not only provide extra storage space whilst keeping your towels perfectly warm, but can add that much needed added heating to your bathroom. Opting for an electric towel rail not only gives you instant heat but also means there is no pipe work required in order to plumb it in.

If space is an issue then look for a towel rail that is vertical and slimline in order to take up as little room as possible. The Niza electric towel rail by Electric Radiator Solutions is a great slimline option, achieving the perfect temperature with minimum space. The Niza is even programmable so you can set the heat in your bathroom independently to the rest of your home for greater energy efficiency.

When designing your bathroom you need to create a multifunctional space that can adapt to your needs throughout the day. Be sure to put time into the planning and creation to guarantee a finish you will be forever happy with. For any heating issues or for more information on our Niza range of towel rails why not contact the team at Electric Radiator Solutions today.