Choosing The Right Heated Towel Rail For Your Home

19/07/2019 /
Electric Radiator Solutions Team

Choosing the right towel rail

It’s always a relief, particularly during those cold winter months, when we step out of a warm shower or bath and into a freshly heated cosy towel. Many homes, however are still yet to invest in the much needed, modern heated towel rail solution - This blog will guide you through 4 top tips when searching and selecting a heated towel rail for your home, opening your eyes to the benefits they boast.

What size do you need?

Firstly, it’s important to identify the space in which you would like to place the heated towel rail so that you can take some initial measurements. Although it seems obvious, it can be hugely beneficial to get the measurement early on as it will help to reduce the number of options available in terms of potential rails, instantly eradicating any that are too big or too small.

You also need to think of size in terms of wattage, this measures your towel rail’s maximum power output. To adequately heat the room and your towels the wattage level you need will depend on the size of your bathroom, the quality of its insulation and the location of your property, so these are all the things you need to be clued up on before you get searching. Again, this will narrow the options available to you, and make the list of choices a little easier to analyse.

Electric vs Gas Central Heating

The main difference between gas central heating powered towel rails and electrically heated ones is that gas can only be used when the central heating is on, and therefore will likely only be used in winter months when the heating is cranked up. The downfall with this is that when you want to warm towels in the milder weather or even on a late summer night, you will need to turn the whole system on and close the valves on every radiator, except the heated towel rail, so you can use it in isolation. On the other hand, with electric towel rails being independent to the central heating system, there is a huge advantage as you can use them based solely on the needs your bathroom has rather than your entire house.

What’s the efficiency like?

Of course, this depends on the above choice as we have discovered electric and gas work in different ways with different needs. Often, to gain the best efficiency, the best place to fix your new radiator or towel rail is to a wall with a window or on an external wall. This ensures that, when using the towel rail as a heat supply for the room, the heat will be distributed evenly. There are also multiple additions which can help to reduce the amount of energy you are utilising with an electric heated radiator or rail -  For example, many can now be installed with some level of heating controls such as timers, thermostats, programmers and remote controls.

What different looks can I choose from?

Colour and Finish - Typically heated towel rails can be a white painted or chrome plated finish, depending on your own personal preference. At electric radiator solutions, we also offer a black glass front on the ‘Niza’ Tower Rail which is a perfect contemporary addition for bathrooms or cloakrooms. 

Floor Standing or Wall Mounted - Choosing a wall mounted option may be beneficial when placing the heated rail in a room with less space availability, However, floor standing options are great for larger spaces, such as a large family bathroom so that you have the option to move it around with ease. It’s important however, to ensure you discuss any options with a skilled worker to ensure you are fitting any rail safely to meet any legal safety requirements. You can get in touch with us at Electric Radiator Solutions to discuss this further. 

Additional Features - You can also choose options which consist of extra unseen features. Our Prisma White Electric Towel Rail includes an electronic thermostat, room temperature sensor and full programming which includes a Turbo button feature where it operates at full power for two hours.

Whether you need to replace an old towel rail or are wanting to install one for the first time our team can help. For more information on any of the electric towel rails we have available at Electric Radiator Solutions contact us today, we're always happy to help!