Choosing The Best Electric Radiators

24/06/2016 /
Electric Radiator Solutions Team

Choosing the best electric radiators can be confusing with so many different styles and technologies available. Below we will examine what to look out for.

People are choosing electric heating for many reasons. They are benefiting from a competitive electric supply market, becoming carbon neutral by installing solar panels and new heating products such as highly efficient ‘state of the art’ electric radiators.

Electric radiators are very flexible. With no pipes and requiring zero maintenance, they can be fitted anywhere and by anyone who can operate a drill and screwdriver.

When choosing an the best electric Radiators take into consideration the following:


Choosing an electric radiator made from cast aluminium is best because of its properties. Cast aluminium has a faster heat up time than steel saving you energy. Cast aluminium means a higher proportion of comfortable radiated heat. Beware of radiators made from lesser extruded aluminium, which doesn’t have the same properties of cast.

All Electric Radiator Solutions ranges are made from cast aluminium.


Most electric radiators have a 24/7 programming facility on the radiator itself. However, some do not!

Programming makes savings by heating only when required minimising energy consumption.


The main difference between top of the range electric radiators and other types of electric heaters. The use of highly accurate electronic thermostats means comfortable controllable heating leading to lower running costs.

All our electric radiators come with the above benefits so how do you choose between ranges?


Our Prisma range is a stylish, flat fronted compact electric radiator. Thermostatic and programmable. An excellent value cast aluminium radiator. Sizes from 600w to 1600w.


As above but includes extra energy saving features such as motion sensor, open window detection, energy consumption counter, end user behaviour indicator.


Our best-selling electric radiator. Ultra Slimline design, only 35mm depth top and bottom. The most attractive looking electric radiator on the market today. All the features you would expect from a top of the range electric radiator. Sizes 500w up to 1600w.

Prisma+ iVista

Smart Electric Radiators have arrived! Our smart radiators can be controlled from anywhere via your mobile phone or tablet for ultimate energy efficiency.

All our radiators are the latest dry technology (no fluids) and come with a wall bracket, large display screen for easy reading, 1.5m cable and fitted 13amp plug. Optional extras include feet, wheels and remote control.

At Electric Radiator Solutions we are dedicated to producing the most energy efficient electric radiators for customers throughout the UK. Having the best heating system installed in your home means you will not only benefit from the latest in heating technology but also lower your energy bills. We are happy to offer help and advice in order to assist our customers in finding the best energy suppliers for their needs, contact our friendly team today.