Changing from Gas to Electric Heating

09/03/2018 /
Electric Radiator Solutions Team

If you have been thinking about changing from gas to electric heating you are not alone. From broken boilers to gas supply issues, we will discuss the benefits of changing from gas to electric heating.

Gas Central Heating

The discovery of North Sea gas and oil revolutionised the way we heat our homes in the UK. Before the 1970’s most homes were heated with solid fuel. The new discoveries brought about central heating for the first time for most people.

Energy Security

In the 1980’s and 90’s the UK was a net exporter of oil and gas. North Sea production peaked in 1999 but since 2004 the UK has become a net importer of energy. Whilst most of our gas is imported from Norway. Russia supplies around a third of the total EU gas consumption. Relying on imported gas leaves the UK exposed to risks to production beyond its control.

Running Out of Gas

Last week, the National Grid issued a ‘gas deficient warning’ mounting fears that supplies could run out. Experts say a perfect storm resulted in a tightness of the supply system. Demand both in the UK and Europe was very high due to the freezing weather conditions. The cold weather has also caused problems with suppliers, shutting down pipelines and operations. The UK has a lack of storage facilities since the ‘rough’ gas storage facility under the North Sea was shut down.

Over reliance on Gas

Almost all of our heating in the UK is gas. In other countries such as France, around a third of all homes are heated with electric. Electricity production has diversified to use less gas with increased use of renewables such as wind. However, home heating is still over-reliant on gas.

Electric Radiators

Our modern energy efficient electric radiators are designed to help revolutionise the way we heat our homes. The table below shows some advantages of Electric Radiators over Gas Central Heating:

Electric Radiators Gas Central Heating
Easy To Fit    
Ongoing Maintenance    
Cheaper To Buy    
Individual Room Temperatures    
Individual Room Programming    
100% Efficient    

Changing from Gas to Electric Heating

Our electric radiators will give you the same quality of heat as a gas central heating system. They are more controllable offering individual room temperatures and programming. Replacing your boiler, extending the system or installing gas central heating from scratch, can all be very expensive. Electric radiators can be fitted by the homeowner in minutes. No need for unreliable and costly plumbers, annual servicing or maintenance.

At Electric Radiator Solutions, we see electric as the future of heating. Whether it’s wind, wave, hydro, solar or Nuclear. We have developed our range of energy efficient electric radiators for customers throughout the UK and Europe. Our electric radiators are easy to fit, are highly controllable and use the latest technology and components, all designed to help lower your energy bills. Contact our friendly team today to see how changing from gas to electric heating can benefit you.