More Chance of Snow at Easter Than at Christmas

07/04/2017 /
Electric Radiator Solutions Team

Many people believe there is more chance of snow at Easter than at Christmas. Certainly, snow at this time of year is not uncommon. Below are statistics from the Met Office:

Month                  Average Days of Snow

November                          1.7

December                           3.9

January                                7.6

February                              6.8

March                                   4.2

April                                       2.3

So, there’s more chance of snow in March than December and snow in April is common as well.

Where you live

On average, the UK gets 23.7 days of snow a year but it depends where you live. Obviously, there is more chance of snow in Scotland than the south coast of England. Also more chance of snow on higher ground where temperatures are lower. The Cairngorms in Scotland is the snowiest place in the UK, with an average 76.2 days of snow on average a year. Cornwall has the least amount of snowy days with an average of just 7.4 days a year.

When is Easter?

Easter can fall anytime between the 22nd of March and the 25th of April. Easter is the first Sunday after the first full moon that falls on or after the 21st March. Easter is an important event for Christians, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. Easter Sunday 2017 is on the 16th April.

Easter Weather Forecast

Despite warm temperatures across the UK this weekend, the summer warmth feel will turn to winter snow in some parts of northern UK next week.

Snow in April is more common than you think!

Keeping Warm This Easter

Whether you’re eating Easter eggs or hot cross buns, Electric Radiators provide thermostatic and programmable heating for one room or the whole house. Simply set the temperature what you want the room to be and the radiator will heat to that temperature. Not too hot or too cold. So, whatever the weather, you will have simple, comfortable warmth at your fingertips!

As the UK moves away from traditional fossil fuels to more secure low carbon heating, electric is increasingly becoming an environmentally friendly option. Electricity can be produced from renewable sources such as solar or wind, making energy efficient electric radiators an eco-friendly heating solution.

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